Healing your nervous system through energy work

Many clients come to me confused, saying that everything in their life is going well: job, kids, friends, relationships… Yet, on the inside, they feel empty and they don’t know why. 

Looking at their energy reveals that they are stuck in what the below picture refers to as the “shutdown/collapse state.”*

What that means from an energy perspective, is that the stress acquired over this lifetime, over other lifetimes and intergenerationally has reached a point of no return. 

In other words, the nervous system has made a permanent decision that the world is a terrible place and the only way to survive is to experience as little of it as possible. 

The clinical term for this is disassociation. I call it simply “not being in your body.”

It’s a pretty literal description, actually. When I look at a person’s energy, that’s exactly what I see. If we are lucky, then the person’s spirit (or at least a big part of it) is “standing” next to their body. If we are unlucky then there are little fragments of the person’s spirit spread out all over space and time. 

Quite often it feels as if the person drops out of existence and then returns. One moment I’m communicating with a person, the next minute, my words and my energy seem to drop into a back hole.

Sometimes it’s not as dramatic, but more like a feeling that something is off but I can’t easily put my finger on it. It’s like an inconsistency that should not be there. 

When speaking with such clients, my gaze will often shift to a space next to them. You know the saying that “eyes are the windows to the soul?” Well, when the person is not in their body, the eyes do not tell me much, but looking at the space next to the person does. 

This leads to some interesting questions:

  • – If you leave your body, or disassociate where do you go?  
  • – If you are not in your body, who or what is taking your place? 
  • – Can you control your body while being outside of it? 
  • – What does the body do to protect itself once the master is gone?
  • – How can you get back into your body?
  • – And most importantly, once you get back inside, how can you stay there and not leave again?

Some pretty deep stuff, don’t you think?

The idea behind energy healing is to reset the nervous system, so that it no longer reacts to the world as an enemy, making it possible for your spirit to return into your body fully. 

But that’s just the beginning. The magic starts when you decide to anchor your spirit into your body permanently.

Now you have enough energy to embrace this life and this existence with passion! Now you have the inner resources to think, create and manifest. (By the way, manifestation exercises are a waste of time until you are fully in your body.)

Using the above picture, think of energy work this way: instead of fighting the lion, running away, playing dead or pretending the lion is not there, you get to turn around, face the lion and then merge with it. 

Now, instead of chasing you, the spirit of Lion is within you. You are strong and powerful. And your world no longer feels like a dangerous place. 

*Image courtesy of National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine

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