How I healed by own ancestral lineage from the trauma caused by the Holocaust and World War II

Over the years I have pondered on this hypothetical question: If my great-grandparent had won a Nobel Prize, should I be proud of that? Should I tell people about my famous and very smart great-grandparent? Would that make me special? After all, not everyone’s ancestor gets a Nobel Prize. But on the other hand, I personally contributed nothing to that prize because… well… I was not even alive… theoretically.

Six years ago I posed this question to my Spiritual Teacher. She told me to take my question and shove it. Well, OK, she did not actually say that, she was much more diplomatic about it. She told me that this was a very cerebral question, whereas in her class I was learning how to stop over digging inside my brain and instead grow my intuition.

Now I realize that she was correct. My quest at that time was to lessen my need to neatly sort everything in my brain and instead to learn to see the world in a more comprehensive manner.

But the question remained. Would the fact that my imaginary great-grandparent, theoretically won the Nobel Prize have any impact on me?

Turns out the answer is yes, but not in the way I initially thought.

Part of the answer for me lies in Epigenetics – the study of biological mechanisms that switch genes on and off, including the concept that certain circumstances in life can cause genes to be silenced or expressed over time. Scientists believe that such biological changes can have serious health implications throughout one’s life and for generations to come.

The multiple studies of Holocaust survivors and their children show that the trauma experienced by parents is a relevant contributor to biology of their offspring. Specifically, this finding suggests that while the trauma of the Holocaust increased resilience in the parents, the effect on the child was in the opposite direction. The experience that made the parent stronger, actually pre-disposed the child to PTSD-like biology.

Furthermore, according to this study, the grandchildren of Holocaust survivors were 300 times more likely to be referred to a child psychiatry clinic that the general population.

Now, things become personal!

My real, not theoretical grandparents are from the former Soviet Union, as am I. While they have not gone through the horror of concentration camps, they went through pretty much every other experience of World War II and the Holocaust. One of them was a soldier who fought the Nazis on the front line; the others were children and teenagers who narrowly escaped from extermination to the eastern part of USSR.

I shall not go into the details of their experiences here – no words can describe that, you can use your imagination if you wish (I don’t recommend that you do, though).

None of them received counseling or any other PTSD treatment as far as I am aware. They basically moved on without looking back, as had pretty much every other person in the former USSR.

So where does that leave me? Does the mid Twentieth century trauma of my grandparents affect me now, in the Twenty First century? Am I a survivor through my grandparents’ experiences? Is it possible that I am carrying the energy of my grandparents’ fear, sorrow, pain or PTSD?

The answer is yes, a part of me is indeed a survivor; the trauma of war, famine and human suffering had been passed down to me through my bloodline and the energy of that trauma is within my energy field.

This does not mean that I am doomed to suffer and destined for PTSD. Just as the environment is able to create change in the DNA expression through trauma, it can also undo this change through a variety of methods.

Through my studies and meditations, I had learned to view life’s crises as temporary events serving as opportunities for personal growth and spiritual transformation., I believe that life is generally good and any setback we have is an external event that can and will be overcome.

There is a name for this type of approach to life – spiritual optimism.  (I’ll talk more about that in another article.)

Being a spiritual optimist has definitely helped me to be happy and succeed in life.

Still, despite my ability to stay positive in the most situations, that energy of WWII and the Holocaust, or Shoah – the ultimate calamity (as the Jewish people refer to it) is present in my energy field to a very high degree.

As I ventured deep into my spiritual journey, I discovered that I have been carrying the energy of pain, persecution and victimhood within my own energy field. That was not a huge surprise as I am familiar with my family’s history.

Using my accumulated knowledge and help from other healers, I have spent the last half decade clearing the negative influence of Shoah energy from my field.

It is hard work but definitely worth it. I feel much lighter and freer these days, like I am no longer dragging something big and heavy behind me. My survival-related fears are almost gone. I no longer waste energy uselessly worrying about the “tomorrow.”

In my view, there is nothing special about my experience.  Everybody inherits the energy of trauma to some degree. Just look at our history, war has been a part of the human condition throughout all (recorded) ages.

The big question for me is not why I carry the energy of trauma but rather why do I carry the energy of Shoah specifically? And why do I carry so much more Shoah energy than my friends do?

The answer is simple, though it sounds rather dramatic – my spirit came to Earth specifically to work with the energy of war and other trauma victims and descendants of those affected by war and other violence. Part of the acceptance of my journey involves reaching into my energy’s darkest hour and bringing light to myself and those whose journey I share.

Let me explain.

I am an energy healer; I am not a licensed therapist, nor do I plan to be. Through meditation and energy work, I have come to the conclusion that I am who I am because of what my Soul and Spirit came on Earth to do.

Specifically, I am here, on this planet, in physical form, to witness the energetic imprints of traumatic events and then heal them so that future generations can be born without the imprint of war and other violence.

I am to work with people who are living and also with the spirits of those who have passed on to clear the energy of trauma – specifically war related trauma.

What an energy healer does is go into the ethereal realm and receive information from Spirit about experiences, memories, beliefs, thought patterns and programs that affect the individual in either a positive or a negative way.  I then use this information to help a person find an explanation for why they have been feeling a certain way, remove the energy of the trauma from the person’s physical, emotional and energetic bodies, release the need to recreate similar experiences and in the end, help the him find some peace and happiness.

Such information comes to me as images and words, much like a memory would. Except I am able to distinguish between memories and thoughts that originate within myself and those that belong to my clients. Once I identify a memory as one belonging to the client whom I am currently helping, I differentiate it further to see what kind of a memory it is. Some memories are created as a part of a person’s experience in this life time, some were created in a past life while others were passed on through ancestral karma (transgenerational transmission). It is these latter memories that the study of Epigenetics and my own journey though healing the energy of Shoah are concerned with.

This work can be unpleasant at times. I do not enjoy seeing the energetic imprints of war, famine, rape and suffering in my healing sessions with clients nor within my own energy field. It is not a painful experience for me, but if is not a particularly pleasant one either.

I am well trained for it though. I have the tools, resources and help to work with this energy, to transmute anger, hatred, and resentment to acceptance and love. I also have a natural predisposition of an optimist that allows me to see the world as basically good and tragedies as temporary.

When I perform an energy healing of a traumatic event for a client, we dive into the event together, explore it and come out quickly. Then we dissolve the energy so that the client never has to deal with that specific incident. There may be plenty of energy from other incidents remaining to be explored and healed at a later date, but the energy of this particular event releases and detaches from the person as a result of the healing.

Recently I worked with a client whose grandmother was a Vietnamese civilian during the Vietnam War. As I was working with her energy, I witnessed the visions of several war time events. I shared what I saw with my client so that she could understand what her grandmother went through and see how she, herself was impacted.

After talking about what happened, we cleared the remnants of those traumatic experiences from my client’s energy field. Now that experience her grandmother had, no longer impacts my client’s physical and energetic body, her feelings, and her thoughts.

My client later shared with me that grandmother rarely talked about her childhood, my client knew the historical backdrop to her grandmother’s life but not the details. Knowing what her grandmother went through helped my client find compassion and release some of the resentment she has been holding onto since childhood. As a result, my client feels happier, lighter and freer and her relationship with her grandmother has improved.

Time after time I find that unpleasant as it is, the process of healing the energy of trauma is worth it. The peace that results is so much greater than the temporary discomfort experienced during the session.

I accept my fate as a grandchild of war and my destiny to heal the energy of war-created trauma. I do not view myself as some angelic savior who is here to bring peace to Earth. It’s simply what I do. I am not alone nor rare nor any different from anyone else who is here to help other people. There are many on the same path as myself. Some of us help people on the physical level, some on the mental, level, some on the emotional level, and some, like myself, an energy healer, on the energetic level.

Together and individually we do what we can to help our fellow humans lead happier lives.

As for my own answer to my initial theoretical question I shall repeat my Teacher’s saying: “take the question and shove it.” Because real life is so much more interesting, amazing and complex than a theoretical prize.

P.S. I wrote this article in early 2016. Since that time, the clearing of ancestral karma especially as it relates to war and violence has become quite prominent in my practice. Lately it seems to make up three quarters of my sessions with clients. I have witnessed quite impressive results and have become a firm believer in the idea that life truly is amazing and each crisis is indeed a temporary external event that can be healed, should we choose to do so.

Last week I received the following note from a client named Elizabeth that summarizes the impact of the ancestral karma clearing nicely:

I have had anxiety my entire life. I did not know why but there it was. It was such a part of my day – I did not know what it is like to wake up without it. I had a healing with Dina. The very next morning, upon waking – I opened my eyes and did not have any anxiety.  It was so strange… waking up without that feeling of dread and anxiousness.  I have continued to feel better and better each day since the healing. It has been a month and the anxiety never returned. 

I have received numerous feedback from my other clients, all along the same lines, they felt like something was bothering them without necessarily knowing why. After a session, each of them saw marked improvement in their emotional wellbeing. I am a firm believer that life truly is amazing and each crisis is indeed a temporary external event that can be healed, should we choose to do so.

P.P.S. As I was doing research for this article, I came upon an amazing study titled: “Epigenetic transmission of Holocaust trauma: can nightmares be inherited?” You can read the full study here.

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