Conscious community in time of crisis

Raise your hand if you have ever said or thought: “my soul is here to be of service, I’m here to help, I am one of the original souls, I must spread love and light, I am following a higher purpose, I am here to teach, it’s my last round on earth because my souls is so advanced.”

Raise your hand if you have ever judged others for: “following the crowd mentality, for being like sheep, for caring only about what’s in front of them, for buying plastic, for being wasteful, for having more things than they need.”

Raise your hand if you have ever talked about “higher purpose” and were perplexed by anybody who only cares about money and physical goods, while you, a much more “refined soul” saw straight through the “materialism.”

Raise your hand if you have ever looked down or balked at “unconscious people.” In fact, raise your hand if you have ever referred to another person as “unconscious.”

If you have raised your hand, then keep reading, because I am talking to you… and to myself. I always talk to myself when I write these things…

It is nice to ruminate, meditate, judge, assume and whatnot when you are well fed and safe. It is easy to take the high road, to be the morality police when you are not scrambling to buy basic foods and when you can be fairly confident that no one in your immediate surrounding will die due to a tiny little COVID-19 that could be lurking on the tip of your right pinkie finger.

It is very convenient to talk conspiracy theory, new paradigm, multidimensional shifting, population control , financial system collapse, and “earth taking care of itself when it needs to” while smoking weed in your perfectly manicured back yard knowing with almost certainty that tomorrow you will wake up in exactly the same world that you fell asleep in.

It is easy to have disdain for those who pollute the earth when you know that every Thursday at exactly seven am the garbage truck will remove the two white plastic bags you so carefully filled with things you no longer need.

“We are the white workers, beings of light,” we say. “We are here to simply spread love.” Actually, that’s true… we are that….

And soon we will know which of us is ready to stand behind our words of “love and light” (despite the fact that we cannot pay our mortgage) and those whose ego repeated these words because it liked their sound.

The proverbial kitchen has gotten hot. Now we must decide if we are willing to handle this heat and support our words through our actions or if we only willing to talk about it from the comfort of our beachfront property while our car is waiting patiently in the street because it cannot fit in the garage due to all the stuff we stockpiled.

Think about it. Think carefully. With everything that’s happening in the world due to one little coronavirus, how much are you prepared to stand behind your words? What are you willing to do as a “white lighter” or as an “old soul” or an some other airy fairy title you gave yourself because that title expanded your heart.

In the spiritual, coaching and self-help community we will soon see who is a true leader and who is a parrot.

Perhaps many of us will decide that we cannot handle the energy and the responsibility it takes to be a leader or a teacher. And that’s fine. But perhaps, some of us will finally see our soul’s purpose align with our physical existence. And together with the earth and everything on it (including viruses) we will find harmony and balance.

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