Message from Spirit: how to create energetic boundaries with people

Message from Raja*


Countries draw boundaries and are dead set on protecting them.

Try to cross out of international waters into a country’s water space without permission, see what happens. Try to fly out of the international air space and land without permission in Moscow… or Washington… or Pyongyang. You will be lucky if you get arrested. Chance are you will be shot down before you reach land.

Throughout human history, clans, tribes and governments drew a line in the sand, claimed a territory as their own and then fiercely defended it against original settlers or other invaders. These same clans, tribes and governments, while defending their claimed territory, did all they could to take land away from other clans, tribes and governments.

Quite odd, don’t you think. Humans set some arbitrary area as their own, fiercely defend it while at the same time having no respect for another’s claim to their arbitrary territory.

As above so below. In the same way as you, humans, do not respect for each other’s physical territory, you do not respect each other’s energetic territory. You get yourselves into each other’s space, thoughts and feelings and stay there. Then you blame others for doing exactly the same thing to you.

You say: “I am so sensitive, I feel everyone around me. I cannot go to the store when there are a lot of people because I feel EVERYTHING and get so so so tired. I have to protect myself from everyone because I am so special.”
You read books on psychic protection. You build energetic walls and fences, carry crystals for “protection”, burn sage, go to healers and psychics for removal of energetic attachments.

At the same time you invade other people’s energetic territory, causing them to build energetic walls and fences, carry crystals for “protection”, burn sage, go to healers and psychics for removal of energetic attachments!

Yes, we know, you may not do this consciously. But as thoughts become words and words become actions, what you think matters. Your intention matters, regardless of whether you do it on purpose or by accident.

We say this, if you are not respecting the boundaries of others, do not complain when your boundaries are not respected.

Before crying victim, look within yourself first. Do you know your own boundaries? Do you identify and respect boundaries of others.

“How can I know if I am invading another’s space,” you ask.

By becoming a keen and neutral observer. By stepping out of the “woe is me” belief and by choosing to see the truth as it spins around you.

Observation without judgment is key to knowing yourself. Who are your friends? Do they respect you and other people? Do you or your friends draw joy from seeing other people mess up? Do you feel better because someone else is worse off? Do you get sad or angry when someone becomes more successful than you?

None of you is an innocent victim so do not hide behind your dark shadow.

Learn to glow brightly. Bring light into yourself.

Respect others and be aware of your own feelings, especially towards those who are very different from you, for it is the perceived differences that highlight similarities.

When you fear or dislike a person because they are different from you, understand that you are falling into an illusion. You fear them or you hate them because they bring to the surface your own dark shadows, they bring attention to things that you so desperately try to hide within yourself.

When you feel like your boundaries are being invaded, look to see what you are doing to others or thinking about others – for as far as energy is concerned, thoughts and actions are fraternal twins.

Do your best to shine brightly within yourself,  for only then you will see the world for what it truly is. An interconnected universe where each and every player absorbs and reflects her true self.

Know that a healthy orchard starts from one seed. Become that seed.

As always, it has been a pleasure to be with you; you often confuse us and expand our curiosity.

Much love, your friend Raja

About Raja and Channeling

Raja is an angelic being, an unseen friend with whom I have a special bond and connection. This relationship allows Raja to speak and write through me. Raja also assists me during energy readings and healings.

The process of a spirit directly communicating through a human is called channeling.

A person who allows an unseen friend to speak or write through her is called a channel. Some of the writing that I do on this blog is my original material, other writing is brought directly from the unseen world through a technique called channeled writing.

Often, Raja or another unseen friend will come through during an energy healing session. When that happens, I will go into a trance state and will channel them vocally. Many clients can feel a shift in the energy when it happens, sometimes they will even ask for Raja to come talk with them.

Information received through channeling (written and vocal) differs from that received through a regular psychic reading, especially when it comes from high vibrational beings. The main differences are in the type of message and also the energy that comes through with the message. Our high vibrational unseen friends are not interested in predicting what will happen tomorrow. They are not interested in the mundane every-day concerns of earthlings. They come through for the explicit purpose of providing a higher perspective of our journey on earth, bringing light and healing to us. Their energy comes through the writing and can be very healing and empowering.

They also have much to learn from us. It is a symbiotic relationship that benefits both parties.

You can read more about trance channeling here.

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