How remote energy healing works

Energy healing is often performed over distance and the technique used depends on the system.

When I perform a distance energy healing, I bring forward a holographic image of you, the client. Then I look into each chakra of the hologram in order to see what is happening within your energy. We first discuss the issue, how it came to be so, when, and why and I remove the energetic imprint and impact of the issue.

I do exactly the same thing during an in-person session, except that my hand is hovering over your physical body instead of over your hologram.

In a way, using a hologram is simpler and more efficient because I can turn it around and view it from various angles – this is not always possible with the physical body.

If you think about it, energy healing already involves distance, especially when we work with past lives, energetic attachments, inner child, ancestral DNA and so on. The distance may be over space, time, and dimensions and it does not require the client to be physically present. It’s kind of like love, you can love a person regardless of whether she is in the same room, the same town, living or passed on.

During a healing session, I work mainly with your energy bodies, so there is very little physical contact even if you are in front of me. So in a way, there is really no difference between an in-person session and a distance healing session.

The benefit to an in-person session is that I provide the environment for you to relax in and it is nice to have that person to person connection. My office space is serene and beautiful. I play healing music, we surround ourselves with amazing crystals, and use aromatherapy. There are no interruptions or distractions. And we can give each other a hug or at least shake hands.

For distance healings, it is up to you to find a safe, quiet, and “interruption free” physical space and to make sure that you have a solid internet connection. I also recommend you wear headphones so we hear each other better.

A distance healing session has its benefits too. For example, after a distance healing you are able to relax and integrate in your own home for as long as you would like instead of having to focus to drive home.

Here’s a general layout of a distance healing session, it is very similar to an in-person session:

  • – Your and I connect by phone (or Zoom) and talk about what you would like to work on
  • – I read your energy and answer questions
  • – You lie down on a bed or couch
  • – You close your eyes and relax
  • – I open and balance your chakras and aura and look in there to see what’s going on
  • – I share with you what I see, how this came to be and why
  • – We correct the issue at the energetic level, generally by removing old energies or bringing in new ones
  • – I look to see what else comes up
  • – We discuss, release, I look again, and so on
  • – The more time we have together, the more layers we can uncover in one session

I hope this article gives you an idea about distance healing and why it is just as effective as an in-person healing.

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**Due to Covid 19 all sessions are being done remotely via phone or zoom. Energy Readings and Healings work just as well over the phone as in-person because we are not working in the current space-time and any benefits gained are not worth the risk.

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