Do we need ancient rituals or can we make stuff up?

Most of us need to go through a process to connect to spirit or ancestors.

And yet, sometimes a person comes along who can do whatever he or she wants and still be connected to spirit in a way that is so deep that it is indescribable and unfathomable.

These people, once they find out WHAT they are simply need to follow the call. They can eat whatever they want, live wherever they want, dress how they want, do whatever they want. They are fully unplugged from the first chakra, tribal, societal, group dynamic. They need no ritual because they are beyond ritual.

They need not call in spirit because they embody spirit and spirit embodies them already. They need not invite in wolf for ARE Wolf. They need not invite in divine mother. They ARE Divine Mother. They were born under her star and that’s that. There’s no separation between themselves and the spirit world. They are every where at once. They need to make no offering because there’s no one to appease or honor.

To the outside world they may seem haughty, snooty, crazy, antisocial, confused, unprofessional but to creatures of their kind, they are the most normal people in existence.

Such people recognize their kind and make themselves visible to each other. Sometimes they see a brother or a sister whose human mind hasn’t yet accepted their truth. In this case, they will approach and say, lovely creature I see you. We may or may not be of the same species but it is an honor to meet you. Look into my eyes, find me and through that you will find yourself. Take my hand and let us travel together for a bit, without needs, wants, desires, rituals. Let us connect the earth and the sky. The animals and the angels. The light and the dark. Accept that you never belonged in the first chakra energy and stop trying to apply false realities to yourself. Take off the blinds and give up holding on to the rules. These rules are not for you. They’ve never been for you.

Simply listen carefully and follow that call that has been with you always. Speak only the truth. Because unlike those who are plugged into the first chakra your words have power. They have shape, they move, spin, burn, cut and heal. Be as you are: human and non-human.

Welcome, dear friend from another world. We see you. We are happy to meet you yet again. And we need you, like never before.

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