Questions to ask ourselves before entering into any relationship

Any time we are in a relationship, be it romantic, business, friendship, teacher/student we plug into the archetype specific to that relationship and we set in motion certain rules, projections and expectations that live within such archetype.

An archetype is a universal pattern and image that are part of the collective unconscious. Archetypes are unlearned and they drive how we experience and respond to certain things.

Energetically an archetype can be viewed as a collection of energy that is created by the collective mind and so it can receive and give information and energy. In certain mystic tradition the concepts of an egregor is used in place of an archetype. An egregor is a thought form or a collective group mind that is created by one or more people and can exist as its own separate entity.

As we enter into a relationship we plug into the energy that creates, holds, defines and maintains such relationship. We create a cord that not only goes from our self and attaches to another person, but also a cord that plugs into the archetype.

We feed our energy into that entity and the entity feeds the energy back to us…

Before we enter into any relationship, either with a person or an object, it is a good practice to ask: “what kind of energy is this person, place, institution, business or group plugged into? And is this energy for my highest and best good?”

Similarly, after we leave a relationship, whether with a person, an object or an action, it is essential to check in with our energy and ask our self: “am I still plugged into the egregor of the relationship and an I still living according to the rules, laws and objects of the archetype?” You may be surprised by the answer you receive.

If you discover that you are indeed still plugged into the relationship, do not worry, it is possible remove your energy from it completely. The detachment process is similar to that of cutting cords except it carries an element of forgiveness. In order to fully detach from the energy of the relationship you must forgive the other person or people and you must especially forgive yourself.

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