How many energy healing sessions do you need for best results

People always ask me, how many energy healing sessions would I recommend?

My answer had always been: it depends on your goals, how quickly you want those changes to happen, the amount of work in between sessions you are willing to do and of course, your finances. 

I generally advised people to come see me when they feel they need to. 

Technically, it’s sound advice, however, over the decade that I have been doing this, I noticed a trend: those people who came regularly (weekly or every two weeks) over several months and then about once a quarter for a tune-up had the best results. 

This is because one session cannot undo that which we have spent years and lifetimes creating. It can give you a push, it can create the space necessary to achieve your goals, but healing is a process. 

Also, as the saying goes: life happens. So it is a good practice to come in for energy maintenance from time to time. It’s like getting your teeth professionally cleaned to prevent cavities from forming.

Based on my observations, I recommend one of the following options for best result:

Option 1: Weekly energy healing sessions for 2 months, then every other week for 4 months then monthly for about 4 months. Then come as needed every 3-4 months. Overall it’s about a 10 month process before we move into the maintenance mode.

Option 2: Weekly sessions for 6-8 weeks, then moving into every other week, then monthly. This is a 6-10 month process followed by the maintenance mode.

Option 3: Combination of group classes and monthly healing sessions with homework in between. The duration can be between 4 months and several years. I have students who have been following this format for years and are really liking it. This is my favorite format but it does take a little longer.

Option 4: This may be a cost effective option for those with insurance. Weekly therapy sessions with a therapist and monthly sessions with me to remove the energy that was “shaken loose” during therapy. The healing sessions also create space so that you can go in deeper with your therapist. Energy healing is an excellent addition to therapy and vice verse.

As a general rule, we spend the first one or two sessions clearing the “easy pickings”. In other words, we remove the stuff off the top, things that have not settled into your body too deeply or things you have almost let go of, but need help in order to completely release. 

In the following sessions we dive in deep into specific issues. We heal and remove things so that you can stop loosing your power, put your energy “back together” and/or connect you to your stores of power so that you can be a “bigger you.”

Obviously, the more you come in the quicker the progress, but it can get pricey. Also, sometimes speed is not the goal, as the body and the nervous system need time to recalibrate. For this reason I do not recommend doing more than one healing in the same week.

Whichever option you choose, the idea is that you do your work systematically. Since there is no expiration or due date by which you have to heal, my advice is: do what is comfortable for you physically, emotionally, mentally and financially.

If it takes you several years, great just as long as you do your work regularly.

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