The Ultimate Guide to Crystal Cleansing: How to Keep Your Crystals in Top Condition

Gems, crystals, jewelry, pendulums and other objects naturally absorb and hold various energies.

These energies can be light, heavy and neutral. They can belong to the owner of the object or they can belong to other people who have handled the object. Eventually the energy collected will “weigh down” the object and it will no longer feel positive, purifying or attractive. You will no longer want to hold such object, use it or be around it.

Think about your favorite piece of jewelry. Perhaps you have a special pair of sapphire earrings that you used to wear all the time and then one day you took them off and forgot about them. Years later you re-discovered the earrings and once again they became your favorite. On the energetic level, what happened was that the earrings had accumulated energy, which due to a lack of cleansing had become too heavy. Your intuition naturally steered you away from the earrings until such time when they became clean once again.

All objects needs to be cleansed whether it’s clothing, dishes, jewelry, crystals, and even furniture.

In this article I show you several easy ways to clear the energy of crystals. Although I will talk specifically about crystals, the same techniques can apply to jewelry, clothes, artwork and other items. Take care that you follow the manufacturer’s directions so you do not to ruin your stuff.

Easy techniques to clear the energy of crystals

Running Water

Turn on your faucet and place the crystal under running water. As you hold the crystal, set an intention to clear the crystal of its old energy and infuse it with love. We are in the middle of a drought here in California so I prefer to not use this method other than to physically clean the crystal when I first bring it home. Careful, not all crystals can be placed under water as water may destroy them.


This is my favorite way to cleanse crystals. The best time to do this is on a full moon. Place your crystals in a place where they will be fully exposed to the energizing rays of the moon.  If you do not have a safe place outdoors, you can place your crystals on the windowsill. In many cases, one night may be sufficient. When cleansing grounding and protective crystals such black tourmaline or hematite you may find that you need to keep them outside for several nights. You will know the crystal is clean because you will be drawn to it.


Sun has incredible clearing and recharging powers. Use it in the same way as you would the moon, but avoid placing crystals in direct sunlight, especially in the summer. Crystals such as aquamarine and amethyst may fade in the sun or acquire blemishes. Clear quartz may act like a magnifying glass and inadvertently set an object fire, so be careful.


Place your crystals either directly into the earth or on the ground.  If the objects are small you can wrap them with a natural cloth made of cotton, wool or silk. Let the earth cleanse your crystals for at least 24 hours. If possible, find a spot where the soil is not being treated with fertilizers or pesticides. If the energy of a crystal is especially heavy, burial may be the quickest way to cleanse it.

Essential oils:

Spray or rub your crystals with frankincense, myrrh, rose or another high vibrating essential oil. Check your local metaphysical store for clearing oils and sprays.


For smudging, I prefer to use natural frankincense incense. Hold a crystal in the smoke for at least 30 seconds. Smudging is easy to do especially if you are short on time or have a house full of crystals.

Your Intention:  

This one may take some practice. Place the crystals in front of you, focus your mental energies upon them, and ask the powers of the Universe to cleanse the crystals of all negative energies and re-energize them for their maximum potential. Remember to thank the Universe for doing this beautiful work for you.


Hold the crystals in your hands and use the Reiki energy to cleanse and charge them.

Another Crystal:

There are crystals that are master cleansers, meaning they never or rarely acquire negative energies and therefore can be used to cleanse other crystals. The two crystals that never absorb negativity and never need to be cleansed are citrine and kyanite. Both do a wonderful job cleansing other crystals. Selenite is also a good option. Although selenite does need to be cleansed once in a while, it does not absorb negativity as fast as some other crystals. Selenite also does an excellent job of infusing other crystals with white light. A large quartz crystal cluster is also a good tool to clear other crystals. Place the crystal you wish to cleanse on top the master cleanser crystal for about 24 hours. Unless you are using kyanite or citrine, be sure to cleanse and re-energize your master cleanser crystals regularly.


This works well for small items. Fill up a small container with rock salt and place your crystals in the container. Cover them completely with salt. As with all other methods, you will know that the crystals have been cleansed when you have a desire to hold, wear it or use them for healing.

How often should you cleanse your crystals

Regardless of the method you choose, be sure to cleanse your crystals upon bringing them home. Then cleanse them regularly depending on their use. Here are some basic guidelines of how often to cleanse your crystals:


Clear your crystals weekly or after a hard day.


This depends on the purpose the crystal serves. I clear mine whenever I feel the need.


I like to clear my jewelry daily, I have a special master cleanser crystal on which I place my jewelry as soon as I take it off.


Clear after guests leave especially if someone had handled your crystals.


If someone in your home falls ill, the crystals will naturally absorb some of that energy. Clear the crystals once the person recovers. For a long term illness, clear them at any regular interval that feels proper to you.

Energy Healing: 

Clear your crystal before and after each healing session.

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