How to connect with your Oracle Card deck

I remember my first oracle card deck. I had just gotten an angel card reading and I was so impressed that I wanted to be able to read cards too. It seemed simple enough, look at the picture and tell a story. The deck the woman was using was working for her, so I figured it’ll work the same for me.

The cards arrived in the mail, I opened the box, pulled a card and nada. Actually, beyond nada. The cards didn’t only not speak to me, they bored me to a point where I almost fell asleep.

I was so bummed out! Here I was, hoping to become a great master card reader in a day, only to realize that I have no clue what I’m doing.

Of course at that time Oracle cards were not as popular, so I wasn’t aware of the intricacies that make a break a reading.

Had I known that the reading will just not happen unless you resonate with the cards I would have gotten another deck.

But I’m not sure that would have helped either because I also did not know that in addition to resonating with the cards, you need to align your energy with them. If the energy is not aligned, even if you like the cards, the reading will be so-so at best.

With the growing popularity and variety of cards to suit all tastes and preferences, you probably won’t make the same mistake that I did in choosing your deck.

However, I still see many people make the mistake of not aligning their energy with their cards. Their readings still work because they resonate with the deck, but they are a little flat.

Here’s what I recommend you do with every new deck of cards. Doing this will align your energies and lead to better readings.

1. Open the box, take out all cards, hold the deck of cards between the palms of your hands and say the following:

“Beautiful cards, I ask you to lead me in the right direction, with good advice for me, and for anyone else who seeks guidance from you. Thank you for always showing me gently whatever I need to know as I read you, I trust you! And so it is. So be it!”

2. Place the deck next to your heart and come into gratitude for being here today, for having this deck, for the opportunity to do something good for yourself and for others.

3. Mindfully take the cards one by one from the deck and examine each card. Repeat the process until you become familiar with each card.

4. Familiarize yourself with the book that comes with the deck. You can quickly skim over the book, there is no need to memorize it.

5. Once you are done carefully return the cards to their box and keep the new deck where you can see it, so that your energy continues to align with the card’s energy. Some people keep the deck of cards on their night table or their altar for several days to further infuse them with your energy.

You can keep your deck in the box it came in or you can wrap it in a cloth. I keep mine in the box but some people wrap them in organic cotton or a velvet cloth. The type of material is not important, what’s important is that it feels good to you.

Enjoy and have fun!

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