How to deal with judgements and expectations

Oracle Card Reading:

Question for the cards: What to do when confronted with expectations and judgements from others, when your worth and your abilities are questioned and your autonomy is put at risk.

Answer: When this happens, call upon the spirit of Hawk to show you the big picture so that you can understand how you have contributed to this experience and what you are doing to prolong it. Then call upon Horse to help you move quickly through it.

Do not hide in the shadows cast by others nor in your own shadow. Do not apologize about your choices.

Ask yourself: what benefit am I getting by being smaller than those around me? What am I giving up in order to feel safe?

Wind Rider teaches us that freedom can be found only by those who are not driven by their fears. Left up your chin, move your shoulders back and down, take a deep breath in, and do what you feel is right. There will be consequence to your choices.

But just like an autumn leaf is destined to fall off a tree, so are you, destined to shed those layers that are already dead. The autumn card means inevitability. So stop delaying facing what’s already in front of you. Pull off that bandaid. You may be surprised by what’s underneath.

And remember, all things have a beginning and an end, this too shall pass.

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