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The questions I get asked most often in my practice are: how can I relieve my anxieties, get past my obstacles, connect to my purpose, feel joy once again, find my soul family, and get into the flow of peaceful living?

There are as many answers to these questions as there are people. A one-on-one consultation will help you gain clarity into your journey, let go of blocks, stop energetic leaks and gain the necessary tools to move forward in your life.

There are two types of individual sessions:

Energy Healing

Here we make direct changes in your energy field, chakras, past lives, ancestral karma and Akashic records. We connect you to your guides, remove old cords, change your belief systems, heal your past and so on.

We can schedule a regular healing, where we let Spirit decide which part of your existences we should explore, or we can schedule a focused healing where we explore a specific aspect of your soul’s journey, such as a past life or ancestral trauma.

If there’s something else you would like to explore, such as ways to connect to your guides, call back pieces of your soul or explore your purpose, we can do that too.

Each energy healing session includes an reading where you get loads and loads of information about yourself.

I am committed to getting to the source of your issues, so that whatever changes we make during the session stick and you do not need to keep coming back for the same thing. This is why the session length is always 2 hours. We need time in order to get in deep and to make permanent changes.

The session is 2 hours and $375.

Intuitive reading

Here you learn about why you are how you are, why you do what you do and what you can do to achieve your goals.

This session is 1 hour and $195.

**Due to Covid 19 all sessions are being done remotely via phone or zoom. Energy Readings and Healings work just as well over the phone as in-person because we are not working in the current space-time, so physical proximity is not necessary.

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    Are you ready to deepen your relationship with your soul and spirit?

    Are you ready to release outdated beliefs, strengthen your personal and energetic boundaries, heal your past and that of your family line?

    Are you ready to finally connect to your angelic guides and trust your intuition?

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    • shilah-1-e1452384781357-768x838-1

      Shilah Sarkissian

      Laguna Beach, CA

      Release childhood trauma and connect to your true self like Shilah

      Dina helped Shilah heal a number of childhood traumas and find peace, clarity and authenticity.

      Let Dina help you find your inner peace

      My energy healing session was incredibly profound. I experienced many things that I did not know I could, and together we even accessed and cleared out long standing issues that I had unknowingly carried in my body since childhood.

    • elizabeth-bonnie-headshot


      Laguna Beach, CA

      Heal your anxiety like Elizabeth

      Dina helped Elizabeth find the root cause of her anxieties (ancestral trauma) and heal it.

      Let Dina help you heal your anxieties

      I have had anxiety my entire life, it was such a part of my day I didn’t know what it is like to wake up without it. I had a healing with Dina. The very next morning, upon waking – I opened my eyes and did not have any anxiety. It was so strange… waking up without that feeling of dread and anxiousness. I have continued to feel better and better each day since the healing. It has been three months and I am still anxiety free.

    • Nellia

      N. Charlton

      Corpus Christie, TX

      Balance your chakras and connect to your ancestors like N. Charlton

      Dina helped N. Charlston balance her chakras and receive deep impactful messages from her ancestors.

      Let Dina help you connect to your roots

      I went to Dina for some general healing work and the session took 2 hours during which I literally felt myself leave my body, felt my chakras ignite one by one, and most of all felt a tremendous relief afterwards. I am not sure how it works exactly, but i am absolutely sure that Dina has a gift. It is undeniable and very apparent from the work that she performed on me. After my first experience I went again and once again she channeled some truths through my ancestors that she had ABSOLUTELY NO WAY of knowing. I was shocked, grateful and once again a sense of deep relief washed over me after Dina’s work was done.