When Jaguar comes…

When Jaguar comes, you have a choice: run away, allow it to consume you, or accept it fully.

Such creature came to me last June. I saw her out of the corner of my eye. She sat on my bed as I was meditating through a crisis. I knew it was an omen and I knew all will be revealed to me… in February.

Sometimes being psychic is really shitty. You know something will happen, you know your world will turn onto its side. You know who will leave your life and who will enter it. You even see exactly how it will happen, where and when. But you have no freaking clue who you will become once that happens. You know you will be ok and yet you better get your stuff together because like it or not, change is coming.

Jaguar sat on the left side of my bed and told me to enjoy the moment. Things will end and new things will begin, she said. She told me to freely love those who are near me because come February, a choice will need to be made. I am glad I listened because she was correct.

That same Jaguar came to me in meditation twice more. First in October when she repeated that we shall see each other again in February. The second time she arrived as promised, in early February. She said that a decision could no longer be delayed… That night, at three in the morning, I accepted Jaguar without hesitation, thereby sealing my fate.

How I sealed it, who I sealed it with, and what will come of it, shall be revealed in perfect time. Yet, I am sure that the opening to new dimensions has become visible.  I have seen that abyss. It is horrible, beautiful, scary, powerful and awe inspiring. It contains words, symbols, music and movement. It calls for travel in all senses of the word, in this physical reality and on the astral plane.

I recommend you read “Adventures of a Cat-Whiskered Girl” by Daniel Pinkwater because “very often when crazy people are not actively being crazy, they are less crazy than regular people who are a little bit crazy at all times.” And because sometimes we miss people even though we do not remember even meeting them.

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