Let’s be silly!

This is an Oracle Card reading.

Spirit definitely has a sense of humor. In this case the joke is on me because I asked the cards a totally duh question.

I knew it was kind of a stupid question, but I was curious what the cards would say. After all, asking enlightened questions gets boring quickly.

Here’s the situation I asked the cards for direction on:

Let’s say you are bored, tired, unmotivated. You are just sitting there, further deepening the butt print on your couch when you have an epiphany: leather couches are more susceptible to butt prints than upholstered couches. The excitement of this new-found wisdom lasts about 10 seconds, definitely not long enough to start browsing the internet for a new couch, and now you are bored again. However, instead of thinking about what you could do to brighten your day and make yourself happy, you decide to pose the following question to the card.

❓ You ask: What should I do today in order to be happy?

Here’s the card I pulled.

This card represents your future hopes and ambitions and reminds of the importance of:

✅Gathering the right ingredients for your growth

✅ Avoiding aspirations that result from daydreams that are not grounded into reality

✅ Creating something where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Think about a beautiful tapestry in a museum. At one point it was simply a bunch of thin threads. In other words, the answer to the question is: get off the couch, do something useful and stop asking stupid questions.

A duh question leads to a duh answer… but… stop for a second and think about this deeper. There’s a lot of wisdom in the answer. It tells you to take responsibility for your body, your thoughts, your time, your choices, identify your goals and get moving. It tells you to be the Weaver of your own life.

This means stopping non productive daydreaming, stopping wishing things were different, stopping the “if only…” thinking, stopping waiting for someone or something to change.

You are in charge of your life and that means you can create the life you want with the focus on “create”. Create is a verb, an action.

A Weaver is one who creates fabric from thread. So go ahead and do something… anything… just start moving and see what develops. So that’s that… the next installment in the Oracle Reading Series.

PS: The cool thing about working with high vibrational energy is that even when spirits call you an idiot, they do so with love and with unconditional trust in the fact that YOU can do whatever it is that YOU set your mind to.

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