Message from Spirit as we near the Winter Solstice

Oracle reading for the time frame of Nov 10 – Dec 21, 2021 (winter solstice). Instead of asking a specific question, I simply asked the cards for words of wisdom and general advice.

Kind of a strange reading. Didn’t expect it to come out like that. But I like it.

✨✨Short version ✨✨

You have shared your wisdom well. Now it is up to those you have trained to take over your work. You have selflessly earned the right to remain with your own thoughts for a while. When you are needed again, you will know it, so no need to be on the lookout for “what if someone needs me”.

Comfortable, well earned solitude awaits. Don’t rush. Don’t worry. You’ll know when it’s time to go to your new project.

Don’t try to fool yourself and pretend to be in the future or in the past just for the sake of pretending to be busy. Your spirit will call you on your lie. So don’t even bother.

Be with your own thoughts. After all, that’s what you have been silently wishing for.

✨✨ Expanded (long) version ✨✨

You are done serving in your current role. You have given the people all you could and now it is up to them to take the reins. You feel called to be elsewhere and that is what you shall do. Follow the song without worrying about what you are leaving. You have taught them well, you have given them the tools, now it is up to them to use it. There’s nothing more that you can give because you already gave it all.

Onwards to a new place. One that will trigger your curiosity, desire to learn and sense of adventure. You are on your own journey right now, you want quiet time and solitude. Allow yourself this privilege to be with your thoughts and just your thoughts. You have earned it.

Don’t be pulled back by the “human is a tribal creature” right now. You only want your own company and that’s absolutely as it should be. You earned your solitude.

The wisdom within you is for you. Do not give it away and do not spread it around. Hold onto what is yours.

You are strong, independent and grounded. You know what’s coming even though those around you are still living in the past. Ignore their call to come back. There’s nothing back there for you.

You are coming to an end of a cycle and a birth of a new one. Approach this new journey with eagerness and anticipation.

Your transformation has begun. As the winter begins, you will go into suspended animation. But do not worry. When spring comes, you will emerge as young again and all will be well.

Do not fear this end of a cycle. Allow it to complete. It is not a death, it is a rebirth. You are not leaving your people behind. You are simply going into your own slumber so that you can become young again.

Your companion is a coyote. She will protect you from the tricksters. But do not attempt to lie to yourself. Coyote will smell a lie from the instant it comes into your psyche. She will not like it and she will bite. 

About 3 weeks after this Reading a asked the cards the same question. Here’s the answer.

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