What am I not seeing, where am I getting stuck, who can help me?

Think about a situation or a process you are going through right now.

❓ Now, let’s ask the cards: what is this situation showing me about my spiritual journey?

Answer: You are stepping over the mystical threshold of light into darkness and are being forced to realize that not all is how you have organized it in your head.

You can no longer ignore the fact that light is not always a thing to thrive toward and darkness is not something you must invariably escape. Both are necessary because they are equally parts of all there is.

Delving into yourself and facing suffering, fears and bitter memories can provide you with renewed purpose and strength.

Let’s look a little deeper and ask more questions:

❓What am I not seeing that I should explore?

⭐️ Your dignity. This is the part of you that you respect so much that simply knowing of its presence gives you strength and stability. Tune into your personal honor code and sit with it. It will show you the direction to take.

❓ Where am I getting stuck?

⭐️ You are depending too much on values placed onto you by other people.

Community, solidarity with others and actively participating in a group cause are not your allies at this time. Temporary withdraw from as much group effort as possible to give yourself time and space for reflection about your own honor code.

❓What can help me?

⭐️ Unplug yourself from group effort and redirect your energy toward more solitary tasks. Ask yourself, is the emotion I’m feeling mine or am I plugged into a group dynamic? Whose value system am I supporting? When did I adopt it? From whom?

Stop listening to those who tell you to be light and love. Sometimes a good cry is exactly what you need.

Just remember, everything is temporary and this too shall pass.

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