Oracle Card Reading January 2022

January 2022 Oracle Card Reading:

In December we talked about standing at a crossroads – being in a place in your life where a decision will need to be made soon… but not yet.

In January, the Crossroads card showed up again. The re-appearance of this card signifies that we are still at a crossroads. Those decisions you have been waiting to make will need to wait a bit longer as you explore yourself and your relationships.

Here’s the full card layout, the explanation follows.

January’s main theme is exploration.

The cards invite you to explore these 3 areas of your life: 

Contracts or agreements with self and other people:
Explore agreements and contracts made in this life and in past lives. Keep in mind that all contracts are re-negotiable, especially those that pertain to your soul’s path. However, breaking contracts will incur consequences. If you are not ready to handle such consequences, then focus on healing yourself to the point of where you can handle them. It’s ok if there are many things to heal. Healing carries no expiration date, what’s important is that you start right now. 

Unhealthy compromises:
Explore those parts of yourself for which you are willing sacrifice your well being and violate your inner moral code. These parts may have to do with your finances, career, relationships, health, etc. For example, many of us are sensitive to rejection and will compromise pieces of our soul just to avoid conflict. Look at those parts of yourself that have historically called for compromises and see if you still need to do so. Perhaps you have outgrown the need to make compromises but haven’t yet realized that and so you are living by old, outdated concepts about yourself. 

Inter-generational patterns or family trauma:
Explore behavioral patterns within your family and decide whether you want to continue the course or if you want things to stop with you. If you have small children, keep in mind that, what you heal or stop now will free your children from having to work through these same things – or at the very least will lighten their load. Healing the family line will impact your parents and your adult children too. They will still to need to work out their stuff, but having you set the stage will help them move in the direction that is right for them. 

Your Animal Spirit assistant this month is Porcupine. He invites you to adopt a beginners mind and to approach situations with curiosity and innocence. Look at the world afresh, with new eyes, as if you are looking at yourself for the first time. Let go of pre-determined concepts about your self such as: I like this or I don’t like that or I’m the type of person who…, or I cannot live without …, or I cannot handle…

If you need assistance working with soul contracts, stopping energetic leaks or healing your family line, I can help. Contact me for a personalized reading or healing.

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