10 Reasons students may not complete spiritual development programs

If you have ever taught or enrolled in a metaphysical course, you may have noticed that upon class completion the number of students who graduate is often much less than the number of students who initially enrolled. This can be confusing to the remaining students, as well as the teacher, and leave both students and teachers with their own, often erroneous, ideas of what happened.

Understanding why students quit requires an understating of the dynamics of such classes. Programs that seek to raise consciousness levels and delve deeper into universal wisdom often cause unexpected shifts and life events that students may not be ready to deal with.

As experienced teachers in metaphysical arts, we would like to share our findings of why it is that students may quit and what they can do in order to create the best experience for their learning. This will also give teachers insight so they can understand the cause, offer support and perhaps prevent students from leaving.

1. I’ve got so much other stuff to deal with right now.

One of the jobs of the human ego is to protect us. Most of all, the ego does not like change, because change is unpredictable and unpredictable is potentially dangerous, so the ego will do its best to prevent change. For example, one student began a mediumship class and within a month had a friend move in and was sleeping on her living room couch. So in addition to the new class, she now had the added responsibility of helping her friend. Another student, kept trying to start going to a meditation course but either she would get ill, her child would catch a cold or her other child’s schedule would change to conflict with the meditation class. Our job as conscious human beings is to recognize when such things start to happen and not to let these things keep us from our journey.

2. There is too much sharing.

For those of us who tend to be private, hearing other people’s stories can be annoying at best. However, the sharing of ideas and experiences is an integral part of the human experience. Even if it seems extraneous at time, we learn from others and often the questions and stories from students allow the class to be so much more effective.

3. I do not get enough time to talk about MY issues.

In a group setting the teacher must be fair to each student. If you feel that your voice is not heard, please reach out to your teacher with your concerns. Many teachers and coaches offer private one-on-one sessions.

4.I think I know this stuff.

This is one of the common thoughts that the ego has. It is possible that you may know some of the topics, but we can assure you there is always a way to delve into each topic deeper. For example, we may have spent years doing inner child work and still have emotions, events and issues from our childhood pop up from time to time.

5. This class is weird, it’s too “woo-woo” for me.

This is a common feeling because in our left-brain, logical society, we are taught that only logic and reason matter. In schools we are taught science, math, literature and history but we are not taught intuition. We are not taught how to talk to our bodies and how to hear our spirit. When we start out on a spiritual development program, a certain level of openness is required, however, spirituality and logic are not mutually exclusive. In fact, a good teacher will encourage you to question everything you hear, read and see. Use your brain but at the same time open up to the possibility that humans are capable of more than just the five senses.

6. I don’t know what to tell my friends and family about why I am unavailable every week; I’m tired of making up excuses.

If you feel that your friends and family will support you, you may choose to explain to them that you are taking a spiritual development and personal healing class and you may want to share the class syllabus with them. If you feel that they may not understand or support you, you may prefer to tell them that you are taking a personal growth class.

7. My family does not approve.

It is important to be very clear with yourself about what your intentions are for going down this spiritual path. When you are clear that your intentions are good and in harmony with a higher good then it is easier to accept that although certain people may not agree, it is ultimately your life path and purpose that you are seeking out. You cannot change how another feels or thinks, but you can become more at peace with the decisions you make by understanding that they come from good intentions.

8. My family needs me more than I need this class.

Often times your family or partner may see you begin to change. They may not understand what is happening and they may be confused or intimidated by the changes they see in you. They may also feel that if you change, where will that leave them? Will you still want or need them? They may also feel that your new found boundaries and independence directly conflict with their wants. As a result they put up blocks, create drama and stress in order to focus your attention away from the class and back at them. Chances are, they will do this subconsciously and may not have an ill intent to hurt you. However, remember, just as your ego does not like change, same applies to their egos. And in the same way that your own ego will create blocks, so will theirs.

9. This is too much (or I don’t want to deal with my issues. It’s too much responsibility. I don’t need this. I don’t have time. )

Yes “stuff” does come up. Old childhood memories that we have buried deep inside begin to resurface. The truths that we have been avoiding and hiding begin to show up. This may indeed be scary, uncomfortable and you may want to “run.” Please be assured that your teachers are here to guide you through this. They have been through this themselves and so has each of their students. Each of your classmates is experiencing this as well. Reach out to your classmates for support through this sometimes uncomfortable process. A student who was at about the six month point in class came in one day and declared that she was very close to quitting. After some dialogue with her teacher, it became clear that this was all too much for her, she felt powerless because she could now see and know everything that was happening. Her teacher showed her that everything she was seeing and feeling would have been happening anyway, but she wouldn’t have known what it was and would have possibly written it off to mental instability. Remember, evolving your abilities actually puts you more in your power than hiding from them. It may be scary, but it is well worth it.

10. I don’t like the teacher or the teaching style.

Growing up, you probably had teachers that you didn’t like (and some that you probably only liked after getting used to them or their style). The same holds true when we become adults. Sometimes we do not resonate with the teacher’s energy, sometimes we do not like how they explain things and sometimes we are not ready for the material that is being presented. Prior to leaving the program, check in with yourself and ask do you truly not resonate with the teacher or is it one of the reasons listed above and disliking the teacher is just an excuse?

We hope that this article helps you recognize these feeling and thoughts should they arise in yourself, your classmates or your students. As you continue on your journey of spiritual development remember that most important is to be present with your own process, take accountability for your journey and honor your own spirit by continuing to seek out wisdom from within and without.

​This article is written by Dina Kleiman and Christine Christensen

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