Why healers get sick and what to do about it

There is a general consensus that Reiki can cause no harm.  The theory is that at worst, nothing will happen. Many Reiki healers believe that this makes it OK to send Reiki to someone they feel may be in need of it, with the stipulation that the recipient is free to receive or reject Reiki as she desires.

This “no harm” belief may be true but only if the following conditions are met:

1. The sender is completely indifferent to the outcome of this situation.

2. The recipient’s energetic body is strong enough to prevent the unwanted energy from influencing her.

But what if the sender is not completely indifferent to the result – after all if you are completely unattached, why would you even think about butting into a situation when no one asked for your help?

And what if the will of the sender is stronger than the will of the recipient? Even with the stipulation that the recipient has a choice, a practitioner with a strong enough energy may penetrate the protective energetic field of the recipient and therefore violate the sovereignty of that person. Unwanted energy is still unwanted, no matter how loving and kind it is.


What’s the big deal, you may ask? Reiki is universal love, what’s so bad about sending heartfelt love?

To the recipient, there is no danger. In fact, they may indeed benefit from this. But to the healer… that’s a whole other story.

When you have any intent to influence a person’s life without their permission or desire, then you take on the responsibility for that persons actions and choices and you can be sure that there will be consequences for you.

Plus what goes around comes around and there may be a time when unwanted energy is sent to you without your request or desire for it.
One of the biggest reasons healers get sick is that they so desperately want to help that they end up taking on other people’s problems and answering for their actions.

This is why getting permission is essential to the health of the healer. The permission may be explicit, as in “please send me good energy.” Or it may be implicit, as in “I just lost my job and I am worried about the future.”

Do be careful about that last one though. If you do not know the person well, they may simply be sharing. Their intention for sharing what you interpret as bad news could be to complain or simply to let you know where they are at in their lives. They may not be actually wanting any help. They could be perfectly satisfied with their current condition and have no desire to change.

My advice is, play it safe, keep your eagerness at bay, ask for permission and respect other people’s choices.


I decided to write this article because over the years I’ve had to untangle quite a few healers from the “karma webs” they got themselves into though their unbridled enthusiasm.

It’s never pretty when someone takes on karma doled out by the universe onto someone else.

When you take on the responsibility for another person’s actions, you are not only paying for their choices. You are also preventing them from learning from their mistakes and creating a situation where their next lesson could be much harsher.

You are helping them to win the battle but loose the war, so to speak. You are also telling the universe that it is acceptable to interfere in people’s lives, therefore opening up a door through which others will interfere in your life. You are creating all sorts of energetic leaks, attachments, cords, tears and blocks. Do this enough times or interfere in just the right situation and you will get burned out as a healer – if you are lucky that is. If you are unlucky then you will get physically or emotionally sick or “bad luck” will seemingly follow you everywhere you go. I now it’s hard to see another human being suffer and I applaud you for your inability to remain indifferent. But do try to find another way to help. One that is requested and welcomed. And if you do not have permission yet you cannot remain idle, go help someone else. Help a friends, an animal or even yourself. We could always use our own help.

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