Ancestral DNA healing and upgrade – heal your ancestral bloodline, erase the trauma, unveil the wisdom of those who came before you

“I am feeling much better energetically overall after seeing you. I took a 3 week vacation and came home to South America in search for information about my ancestors. I think I feel more grounded, and I even found respect for certain decisions made by my parents I don’t fully agree with.Β I have made tremendous progress since I first received your help!” –Anabel

Ancestral Healing

$450 USD

πŸ’« Are you replicating familial habits or coping strategies such as co-dependent relationships, overeating or self sabotage?

πŸ’« Do you feel as if you have lived through war, famine or persecution, even though in reality no such thing happened?

πŸ’« Are extra sensitive to violence, especially as it relates to the Holocaust or violence against women?

πŸ’« Do you have a family history of poverty or money mismanagement that is impacting your financial freedom today?

πŸ’« Do you feel like you cannot relax and enjoy life because as soon as you do, something bad will happen?

πŸ’« Do you have unusual memories of riding in cattle trains, in crowded ships, or being forced to leave your homeland?

πŸ’« Do you have a family history of abuse and violence that is preventing you from fully stepping into your power?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then doing an ancestral healing is for you.

Whenever a person undergoes a powerful experience, a physical mark is created on their DNA, changing what the genes do or how strongly they express themselves. The effects of these changes may be passed down for many generations into the future.

This means that anything that either of your parents, grand parent, great-grand parents and other ancestors have not healed prior to your conception may have been passed down to you. And whatever you have not healed within yourself will probably pass down to your children.

It also means that whatever power and magic your ancestors have carried is also within your body today, ready to be reactivated and used to help you in your life today.

Ancestral Healing will help you erase the trauma carried in your DNA and open the channels to a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life, full of abundance, authenticity, wisdom, patience, gratitude and well-being in full support of those whose blood you carry.


πŸ’« Heal the past and upgrade your DNA πŸ’«

πŸ’« Schedule your Ancestral DNA healing and upgrade today! πŸ’«


2.5 – 3 hours | $550

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Ancestral Healing

$550 USD

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