Soul Healing and Lifeforce Activation - transform into the next version of yourself, heal the trauma and activate your light

“The level which Dina was able to take me to was so incredibly deep and I experienced and processed so much more that I could have possibly imagined. She helped me to release what no longer needed to be there and helped me to expand into the space that had been dormant and needed waking. Since the session I have noticed a profound change. There is a lingering peace, clarity and the ability to deliver my own message so much more authentically.  Natural synergies have been arising and I feel even more so that I am on the right path, and that undoubtedly Dina was and is an important guide on that path. I will continue to work with Dina, and definitely feel confident recommending others to entrust in her their bodies and their hearts. She is a true natural healer.”  —Shilah

Energy Healing

$550 USD

💫 Receive a full-body energetic detox and alignment and reconnect with your soul’s destiny.

💫 Resolve and heal your childhood issues that are draining your energy and preventing you from being in the flow with the Universe.

💫 Clear yourself of negative energies, self-doubt, and fear, embrace your life as a Lightworker and a leader.

💫 Explore and expand your intuitive and psychic abilities.

💫 Open yourself to a more joyful and fulfilling future where you are in the flow with the universe.

💫 and so much more!


Each session weaves in communication with your guides, angels and spirit animals, Reiki relaxation, chakra balancing, entity removal, cord cutting, soul retrieval, trauma imprint removal, past life journeying, ancestral healing and other techniques depending on the need.

Discover your untapped resources, get insight into your underlying physical or emotional issues, break the destructive patterns and live the life you were meant to live in joy, harmony and love.


💫 Free yourself from the binds of the past and manifest the magical life you were born to live! 💫

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2.5 – 3 hours | $550

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Energy Healing

$550 USD

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