Find Your Solution - Intuitive Reading to Overcome Blocks and Challenges

I was feeling burned out and unmotivated at work, but I could not figure out why because I like my job and the people I work with. Dina helped me see the underlying emotional and spiritual issues that were impacting my career. My passion for my job is back.” – Mark

60 minutes – Regular: $250 SALE: $195

After making your payment, please email me at info@dinakleiman to schedule your appointment


This reading will provide you with a spiritual perspective on a specific situation or challenge you are currently facing and will offer solutions that align with your values and soul’s purpose. With the help of your Spirit Guides, we will delve deep into the root cause of the situation, explore what is standing in the way of resolving it, and determine the best approach to take.  Throughout the reading, we will identify the negative thought patterns, beliefs, or habits that may be hindering your progress, provide guidance on how to resolve them, and offer stress and anxiety management techniques. This will enable you to approach the situation with a clear mind and an open heart and gain a fresh perspective. The ultimate goal is to provide you with practical steps to move forward and find a solution that is in alignment with your spiritual values and soul’s purpose.

✅ What is this situation really about?
✅ What barriers, blocks, and obstacles are preventing progress?
✅ What are my negative thought patterns, beliefs, or habits that are in my way?
✅ How can I best manage stress and anxiety related to this situation?
✅ What spiritual lessons can I learn from this situation?
✅ What advice do my Spirit Guides have to say about this situation?
✅ What is my next step toward resolution?
✅ If you have any additional questions or concerns, you can always ask them during the reading
✅ You will receive answers to these questions:

Whether you are struggling to make a decision or feeling unsure about a particular situation, this reading is here to offer support and guidance.

To learn more about Intuitive Readings, please read the Frequently Asked Questions article.

60 minutes – Regular: $250 SALE: $195

After making your payment, please email me at info@dinakleiman to schedule your appointment


My relationship was going through a rough patch and I couldn’t figure out how to communicate effectively with my partner. Dina helped me better understand my partner’s perspective and communicate more effectively. Our relationship is much better now.” – Jeanine

“Dina helped me understand why I was constantly yelling at my kids and taught me how to manage my anger in healthier ways. Thanks to her guidance, I’m now a more patient and present parent, and my relationship with my kids has improved significantly.” – Elena

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