Psychic Reading

The purpose of all my work is to help you become happier, healthier, more confident, make better decisions so that YOU can be in charge of your life.

If you have just one question or would like to explore one situation, then this shorter reading is for you!

Here’s how it works:

– You email me one question or several questions all pertaining to the same situation

– I perform an Oracle Card reading and record it on video

– This reading is about 20-25 minutes long

– I will pull 2-5 cards depending on the situation

– You will receive this video within 2 business days

NOTE: This reading will be recorded on video and sent to you. In this reading I will answer one question or explore one situation. If you would like to meet with me live (or over zoom), explore multiple situations, ask many questions and dig really deep into your issue, click here to schedule a live reading.


This is a LIMITED TIME offer.


20 – 25 minutes pre-recorded – $125

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