Rewrite Your Life's Script - Past Life Regression to Complete Unfinished Business, Reawaken Your Inner Power and Discover Your True Self

“During our session, we located memories and emotions from a past life that were directly linked to my struggles with boundaries at work and with relationships. After we healed them and completed unfinished business, I felt peace and clarity that I never thought possible. In another session, we explored a past life when I was not a human and that explained a lot of things about my interests and cleared up a lot of confusion about how I am as a human and who I am as a soul. If you are struggling with challenges that seem to come out of nowhere or have unusual personality quirks that you want to better understand, I recommend you do a past life regression.” -Matt

120 minutes – Regular:$450 SALE: $295

After making your payment, please email me at info@dinakleiman to schedule your appointment

We begin the session by clarifying your intention – what you want to achieve from the session and how you would like to improve your current life. This will ensure that we have a clear understanding of your goals and can tailor the session to meet your specific needs.

Then we connect to your Spirit Guides and travel through one or more of your past lives. During this time, we may complete unfinished business and lessons, clear trauma imprints, and remove karmic patterns. We also locate your hidden strengths and talents and bring them into your current life.

We end the session by clearing your current energy of any issues that were healed during the past life regression and integrating the resources you have gained from the experience into your present life.

With this Past Life Regression Session, you can:

✅ Heal and release the past lives’ traumas and complete unfinished business
✅ Perform soul retrieval and rewrite karmic contracts
✅ Reclaim your power, wisdom and inner light
✅ Reveal your soul’s destiny
✅ Reduce anxiety and stress
✅ Gain a greater sense of purpose and meaning in your current life
✅ Release limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns
✅ Become empowered and confident in your abilities and choices

To learn more about Past Life Regression, please read this Frequently Asked Questions article.

Break free from the shackles of your past, awaken the mysteries of your soul, and reclaim your power. Schedule your Past Life Regression session today.

120 minutes – Regular:$450 SALE: $295

After making your payment, please email me at info@dinakleiman to schedule your appointment


“Past life regression can be an incredibly powerful tool for screenwriters and authors looking to create fully-realized, multi-dimensional characters. By tapping into the experiences of past lives, writers can gain a deeper understanding of their character’s motivations, behaviors, and backgrounds.” – Andy

“I am a Reiki healer, I know my purpose is to help people but for some reason every time I thought about starting my Reiki business I’d get anxious. It turned out that I had at least three past lives when I was a healer who I was killed or suffered because of what I did. We healed the trauma from those lives and now I am ready to step into my purpose! Thank you!” – Linda


Are you a Starseed? A video about past lives you had that were not on earth

Book a session today to balance your energy and free yourself from the binds of the past and manifest the magical life you deserve.

120 minutes – Regular:$450 SALE: $295

After making your payment, please email me at info@dinakleiman to schedule your appointment

“It seems that no matter what I did, every relationship I had followed the same pattern of co-dependency. I read books, I tried therapy but it was like I could not help myself, I kept doing the same thing but different ways. Through the regression, we were able to uncover and heal past life experiences that were influencing my relationships in this lifetime. I now feel like I am in control of my actions instead of them controlling me.” – Meg

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