Intuitive Reading – receive wisdom and insight from a higher realm

“I felt stuck trying to make a decision about my relationship, now I have a path to move forward and I know what I need to do. It’s like all this weight has been lifted and that feels really good.  I am very grateful.” Vera

Personal Intuitive Reading

$250 USD



The purpose of an intuitive reading is to EMPOWER you so that you can be in the flow with the universe and create the life you desire. It is an exploratory mission, aimed at revealing the wisdom and knowledge that would otherwise be hidden or be just out of reach.

A reading can help you:

🎁 Understand your soul-purpose, uncover your gifts and talents and help you become in the flow with the universe

💰 Clear what’s getting in your way of earning a good living, having healthy relationships, feeling healthy and creating a life that you desire

🤔 Better understand your problem or situation, why things are the way they are and what to do about them helping you can resolve them easier and faster

🥳 Learn about your soul’s path, your soulmates, past lives, ancestral baggage and wisdom and to help you heal all that is hurting

🧰 Avoid stumbling through trial and error and reach your goals faster


If you do not know exactly what type of reading you need, then simply request an Intuitive Reading and trust Spirit to guide you in the right direction. Otherwise, choose from one of the following:


Energetic Health Evaluation – Chakra and Aura Reading

Your aura and your chakras contain all there is to know about you and your growth. They are like your own personal Akashik Record that travels with you wherever you go.

In this reading we examine the energy in your aura and your chakras in order to explore your current life situations, beliefs, goals, patterns, blocks, energy leaks and challenges and come up with practical solutions so that you can become the boss of your life

This reading will help you to:

💫 Gain a higher perspective on your life: why you are creating your current life circumstances, what contributes to your un-ease and what you can do uplevel your body, mind and spirit

💫 Discover why you may be having issues in your relationships, career and personal life, why you have the fears that you do, what’s stopping you from being your best self and how to move forward in the best possible way

💫 Understand what is keeping you from expanding your business, increasing your peak productivity and performance, meeting your income goals, getting clarity on what to do next, focusing on what’s relevant and taking the next step

💫 Reveal new opportunities, gain clarity, expand your options and attract the resources and support you need to become a leader in your field and handle your day-to-day issues with most ease and grace

💫 Connect with your inner magic, discover your soul-purpose, and learn the tools you need to heal yourself so that you can create a conscious life

Great for figuring out the best way to approach personal and career related problems and create conscious solutions.



Past Life Reading

This reading explores your past lives to help make sense of present life experiences so that you can heal and transform your current challenges or obstacles. Sometimes a past life reading will also include ancestral karmic issues.

This reading will help you to:

💫 Gain insight about the karmic roots of your current relationships so that you can improve those relationships and avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future

💫 Work though and resolve karmic patterns of your own behavior and belief systems

💫 Understand the source of your health issues, personality traits, addictions, fear and phobias that don’t have a reasonable explanation

💫 Reduce fears around death and help you deal with loss, including finding the strength to let go of relationships that are no longer in your best interest

💫 Connect with and integrate past life abilities, reveal soul relationships, and discover your soul-purpose

Great for understanding relationships, patterns, life challenges, life purpose, clearing unexplained trauma, or accessing psychic abilities you used in the past

Past Life Reading

$250 USD


Question and Answer (Open Format) Reading

Receive answers on any topic that is relevant to your personal and spiritual growth.

💫 Ask about relationships, health, career, finances, unexplained experiences, personal and spiritual growth

💫 Talk to angels, guides, deceased relatives, and unborn children

💫 Best suited if you have specific issues to focus on or need answers to specific questions

Schedule your Reading today and discover the best way to create your reality!


Q&A Reading

$250 USD


Channeled Reading

This reading is for advanced spiritual practitioners, healers, starseeds and lightworkers who are interested in expanding their 5th Dimensional self and transcending into the New Earth.

I will go into trance, my conscious self will set aside allowing my Cosmic Guide, Raja, to speak through me directly and unfiltered.

She will answer questions about your cosmic origins, soul purpose, deep spiritual healing, your personal ascension into the 5D and other topics related to your soul growth and to your role as a lightworker at this time on earth.

She will not answer questions relating to the human day-to-day because she is from the angelic realm and her role is to help to expand and grow your spiritual self and bring your soul closer to Source.

Channeled Reading

$250 USD


A special message from me to you



Watch an actual reading that was performed for a real client

I share this reading with the client’s permission. Please note, in this reading I used Oracle Cards however, I may not always use them as this tool is situation specific.

The client asked the following question: why do I keep getting myself into co-dependent relationships time after time and what part of my inner world should I work on in order to stop that pattern?




Difference between an intuitive reading and fortune telling

An intuitive reading expands your horizons, increases your choices and helps you create your reality, while fortune telling takes the power away from you by narrowing down choices down to yes/no and when.

For this reason I will not answer “yes/no” or “when” questions, such as “when will I meet the man of my dreams” or “will I get that job” because such answers limit your choices and take the power away from you. However, I will help you understand what you can do to attract the right person or improve your chances of getting the job that you want, as this information will give you more control over your life and will help you make better decisions.

Also. maintaining energetic integrity with every reading is of upmost importance to me. You can ask me questions about your relationship with someone for the purposes of healing yourself and/or the relationship. However, I will not look into the personal life of another person, as that would be a violation of their privacy.


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