Soul Awareness Intuitive Reading – Illuminate your path and follow your soul’s destiny

“Thank you for everything!  Before, I was a pushover. I couldn’t say no to anyone.  Now, I feel that I know what’s best for me and I’m less afraid to go for it.  I feel more confident in my decisions. I had a volunteer job and felt unappreciated, so I quit. I am letting people fall out of my life who frustrate me and take my joy.  Lastly, I have a job interview today and am going to dress up and know that I would be the best person for this job whether I am hired or not! I am grateful for everything you have done for me.” –Susie

Intuitive Reading

$295 USD

💫 What if you knew exactly what you were meant to do with your life and share your unique gifts with the world?

💫 What if your fears and doubts were replaced by an unshakable confidence in your ability to succeed?

💫 What if you trusted your intuition, celebrated your unique gifts, and became your most vibrant and empowered self?

You’d be able to live each day in harmony with the Universe and follow your highest purpose with passion, joy, and peace!


Soul Awareness Reading will help you to:

💫 Gain clarity about your soul’s mission, live a life in flow with the universe and fulfill your soul’s destiny.

💫 Learn about your soul mates, heal your relationships, and live a life in love and harmony.

💫 Stop wasting your resources on unproductive activities and create a life of abundance.

💫 Attract a partner worthy of you, who will love, support and understand you as a human and as a spirit.

💫 Become a more effective leader and be of service to the world, helping the earth, the people and the animals on it.

💫 Overcome your blocks and fears and have more energy for yourself, your family and your business.

💫 Understand your soul contracts and karmic patterns, free yourself from their binds and create a life according to your own rules.

💫 Complete the lessons your soul came here for, let go of the struggle, and bring forth the New Earth.

💫 Resolve emotional issues, become healthier and happier, fully step into your power and embrace your gifts.

💫 Help your children lead happier and healthier lives.

💫 Receive guidance and wisdom from your guides and angels and never feel alone again.

💫 And so much more!


Tune into the wisdom of your soul. Step into the life you are meant to live with confidence and clarity.


💫 Schedule your Soul Awareness Reading today and illuminate your path! 💫



60 – 75 minutes | $295

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Intuitive Reading

$295 USD

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