Sound Healing - experience ultimate relaxation and wellbeing

“The vibrations of the bowls unlocked areas of tension and blockages within me that I did not even know I had. At one point I felt as though I was being taken apart, piece by piece, and then gently put back together in a new, more harmonious way.  It was an incredibly powerful experience and one that I will always remember. I would highly recommend a sound healing session to anyone who is looking to release stress, tension, and find a sense of inner peace.”  – Melissa

Indulge in a world of relaxation and rejuvenation through the incredible power of sound healing. Scientifically proven to have amazing effects on both the mind and body, sound waves increase alpha brain waves associated with relaxation, focus, and creativity, and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system for deep relaxation and stress reduction.

Not all singing bowl sets are created equal when it comes to sound healing. Our set was hand-made by monks in a monastery in Nepal during a full moon prayer ceremony. One group of monks made the singing bowls while another group gathered in a circle around them, chanting mantras throughout the night with the roof open to infuse the bowls with full moonlight energy.

This professional set is specifically created for healing purposes, with a unique design that is thicker than traditional ones and carefully attuned to work together in perfect harmony.

As the bowls are played together, they blend seamlessly into a single instrument, producing a rich and powerful sound that resonates deep within your being. Feel the vibrations flow through you, promoting relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety, and leaving you revitalized and refreshed.

Experience the amazing power of sound healing for yourself and indulge in the ultimate relaxation and well-being.

Session Length: 30 minutes (10 minutes for setup and integration, 20 minutes for healing sound)

Price: $125 for a single-person session

If you come with a partner and do back-to-back sessions, the price is $95, and each of you saves $30. If you want to have an hour-long session for yourself, you can get the same discount

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This session is performed in-person only in my office, located in  Orange County, CA. These sessions are designed for one person at a time, however, you can come with up to two other people and while each person is receiving the sound healing, the other two can lie on the couch and enjoy the music. The price is per person and each person attending must participate in their individual healing.

On-site group sound healing sessions are available on a limited basis. If you would like to include sound healing in your pre-wedding preparations, including getting ready for the big day, a girl’s night in, baby shower or other events, contact me.

Some people do monthly massages, I do monthly sound healing. It helps me clear my mind and reset my nervious system.” – Cindy 

Watch this video to see what a Sound Healing Session with me is like:


I now feel so much more centered and grounded and I am much calmer around my children after I go to your sessions.” – Jody

Sound Healing will help you to:

Improve sleep quality: Sound therapy has been shown to promote relaxation and decrease stress, leading to improved sleep quality and better overall health.

Increase creativity: Certain sound frequencies have been shown to stimulate the right side of the brain, leading to increased creativity and inspiration.

Improve memory: Sound therapy has been shown to improve memory and cognitive function, particularly in individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive impairments.

Promote emotional healing: Sound therapy has been shown to help release emotional trauma and promote emotional healing, leading to improved mental health.

Reduce symptoms of depression: Sound therapy has been shown to decrease symptoms of depression by increasing the release of endorphins and promoting relaxation.

Improve mood and reduce anxiety: Sound therapy has been shown to improve mood and decrease symptoms of anxiety by decreasing cortisol levels and promoting relaxation.

Boost energy levels: Certain sound frequencies have been shown to increase energy levels and promote overall well-being, possibly by increasing circulation and oxygenation of cells and tissues.

Increase focus and productivity: Sound therapy has been shown to increase focus and productivity by improving cognitive function and reducing stress levels.

Enhance spiritual connection: Sound therapy has been shown to enhance spiritual connection by promoting deep relaxation and a sense of unity with the universe, which can lead to feelings of peace and well-being.

and more…

Experience ultimate relaxation and well-being.

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I have been to many sound healing sessions before but they were always in a group. To have an individual session is a totally different experience, so much more intense and really enjoyable. – Jacki

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