Energy Healing: with a Focus on Ancestral Karma Cleansing

The field of ancestral healing or epigenetics (as it is known in the scientific community), refers to the biological traits or changes that cannot be explained by a person’s genetic code. Whenever a person undergoes a powerful experience, a physical mark is created on their DNA. These marks adjust the individual’s gene function, changing what the genes do or how strongly they express themselves.

The effects of these changes may last for an entire lifetime and if severe enough, will be passed down for up to seven generations in the future.

This means that anything that either of your parents have not healed prior to your conception may have been passed down to you. And whatever you have not healed within yourself will probably pass down to your children.

Depending on the experiences in this lifetime, other lifetimes and your soul’s contracts, these “trauma markers” may remain dormant or they may flare up causing issues such as: fear, anxiety, guilt, shame, inadequacy, low self esteem, inability to succeed, inability to connect with people, lack of energy, lack of self love, and so on.

There have been numerous studies showing the connecting between ancestral trauma and immune disease.

Unfortunately, the impact of ancestral trauma on our modern generation is strong. I would say over two thirds of my clients had ancestral trauma come up during a session. It is as if we all carry this strange invisible baggage that we are not always aware of having. We feel that there’s something heavy dragging us down yet we can’t quite see what it is until we start to dig in deep. And even then, ancestral trauma can be extremely elusive especially for those of us whose known lineage is just a few generation deep.

There’s good news too, in the same way as we record trauma within our energetic bodies and according to Epigenetics – DNA, we also keep records of successes, victories and happy moments that have been experienced by the previous generations.

These can too be accessed and integrated into your energy, giving you the power and resources that have accumulated over many generations.

During an ancestral healing session, we look at the issues that you are experiencing today and then tap into your generational tree, either resolving one or more traumas or connecting you with the wisdom and knowledge of those who came before you.

The beauty of an energy healing is that you do not need to know your family’s past nor your genetic history. As I communicate with your and my Spirit Guides, I will gain access to this information and the best way to work with it.

The format of the session is the same as for the Spirit Guided Session except here we work specifically on your ancestry. Please click here to read about session components, how to prepare for the session, what to do after the session, my office hours, etc…

Click here to read about my own journey of healing my Jewish family trauma brought on by war and the Holocaust. And here’s a client’s story.


120 minutes – $450

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