Energy Healing: with a Focus on Ancestral Karma Cleansing

The field of intergenerational trauma healing, also called ancestral healing applies to all groups and ethnicities. Anything that either of your parents have not healed prior to your conception will be passed down to you. Depending on your experiences in this lifetime, other lifetimes and your soul’s contracts, these experiences may remain dormant or they may flare up causing issues, such as fear, anxiety, guilt, inadequacy,  phobias and so on, eventually leading to emotional or physical discomfort.

There’s good news too, in the same way as humans record trauma within their energetic bodies, family systems and according to Epigenetics – their DNA, we also keep records of successes, victories and happy moments that have been experienced by the previous generations. These can too be accessed and integrated into you energy, giving you the power and resources that have accumulated over many generations.

During an ancestral healing session, we will look at the issues that you are experiencing today and then will tap into your generational tree, either resolving one or more traumas or connecting you with the wisdom and knowledge of those who came before you.

120 minutes – $375


P.S. Click here to read about my own journey of healing my Jewish family trauma brought on by war and the Holocaust. And here’s a client’s story.

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