Human Design Foundation Reading

Human Design Foundation Reading –  This reading is a thorough investigation and synthesis of the first layers of your unique human design.  Session includes (in Human Design jargon): your type, strategy, authority, incarnation cross and profile. 

In other words— we will look at why you behave the way you do, why you feel a certain way, why you keep encountering the same situations and repeating the same patterns, which parts of yourself you can trust, what ideas about yourself you may have taken on from others, the best way to make decisions and respond to life’s stressors and your unique life path and purpose.

If you are interested in experimenting with your design, the Foundation Reading is the place to start.

I am a Mental Projector 5/1 with external authority. I have been studying Human Design since 2012. Human Design has been instrumental in helping me understand and accept myself. I look forward to sharing this powerful healing system with you.


60 – 75  minutes – $250

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