Energy Healing: Spirit Guided

“My energy healing session was incredibly profound.  I experienced many things that I did not know I could, and together we even accessed and cleared out long standing issues that I had unknowingly carried in my body since childhood.  Prior to working with Dina I already had an established yoga and meditation practice, and I thought I had “dealt with” a lot and was pretty open.  The level which Dina was able to take me to was so incredibly deep and I experienced and processed so much more that I could have possibly imagined. She helped me to release what no longer needed to be there and helped me to expand into the space that had been dormant and needed waking.   Since the session I have noticed a profound change.   There is a lingering peace, clarity and the ability to deliver my own message so much more authentically.  Natural synergies have been arising and I feel even more so that I am on the right path, and that undoubtedly Dina was and is an important guide on that path.   I will continue to work with Dina, and definitely feel confident recommending others to entrust in her their bodies and their hearts. She is a true natural healer.”  

Shilah Sarkissian, Laguna Beach, CA

Energy Healing enhances and balances the flow of energy in the body so that the body can self heal. It can help you to release beliefs that are not serving you, dissipate fears and heal traumatic events so that you can move on and enjoy your life and the world around you.

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Each session is slightly different but the basic format is this:

First I will speak with you what you would like to work on. Then I will give you a full energy reading so that you may gain a better understanding about why you are how you are, why you do what you do and things you can do be  better you. I will look at the energy as it enters your body and travels through your chakra system, sharing with you what I see there, why it’s there and what can be done to either release or heal things that are no longer serving you or pull in positive energy so that you may reveal and harness your hidden potential.

Then I’ll ask you to lie down. Once you are relaxed, I will open and and balance your energy, your aura and the energy within each of your chakras. As I go through the chakra balancing process, I will describe to you in more detail what I see. This will deepen your understanding of your current state, your subconscious belief systems, your patterns, your blocks and your strengths.

Once all chakras are balanced, the deep work begins. Here, I ask your guides and my guides as to where the root to the issue is located and what to do about it. We may work on releasing the energies of events that took place in this life, past lives, traumatic events of your ancestors, energetic attachment and so on. If necessary, a session may include mediumship work where your passed on relatives are present to assist with the healing process. Sometimes spirits show up that are in need of our help in crossing over. This is a very heart opening and healing process for both the client and the spirit.

At the end of the session I will provide you with “homework” specifically designed  to assist with your healing process.

You will leave each session feeling lighter, freer and with a better understanding of yourself and the world around you.

Energy Healing works just as well over the phone as it does in-person because we are not working in the current space-time, so physical proximity is not necessary.

The following is a sample of issues with which I have assisted clients:

  • Change career or grow in the current profession
  • Increase abundance (aka release money related issues)
  • Learn about past lives and heal trauma from past lives
  • Heal traumas passed on through ancestral/parental DNA
  • Heal guilt or shame
  • Eat better to loose weight
  • Process grief, either from death of a loved one of death of a relationship
  • Relieve physical issues such as headaches, stomach aches, muscle aches, post operative pain
  • Learn more about the relationship between your physical body, your emotions and belief systems
  • Improve personal self esteem
  • Stop smoking and release other destructive habits
  • Identify, resolve, and release trauma and other emotional issues
  • Make it easy to let go of the past and live in the now
  • Increase forgiveness and compassion
  • Free you from addictions to self-destructive programs
  • Heighten psychic senses and intuitive abilities
  • Connect with your Higher Self
  • Increase creativity and connection with your inner child
  • Learn to love yourself
  • Remain calm emotionally, mentally and/or physically in stressful situations
  • Change your old patterns of thinking that no longer serve you and are harmful to your health
  • Reduce anxiety, manage stress and bring about mental and emotional stabilization
  • Remove energetic attachments
  • and more!

“I have learned to accept everything in this life and enjoy the most of it; Digest the good and bad and only keep what is nutritious for my soul; Keep the pain, stress and accidents away from me and my loved ones; Help myself and everyone I care enough about to deal with the things that are hard to deal with all on your own.”  Reni, Lake Forest, CA

120 minutes – $375

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