Energy Healing: with a Focus on Past Life Regression

“I recently had extensive surgery and the physical recovery went very well. I can’t say the same for the emotional and mental state I found myself in. I was having severe anxiety and panic attacks for the first time in my life, creating a constant state of fear and unbalance. I was on several prescription medications and hated every day. However after our first visit, I knew I was going to be fine, in time. It’s possible that I hoped to recover quickly and wanted immediate resolution, yet I discovered it wasn’t that simple and I would need to do my part. You had to guide me on that path and I trusted the process.

I continued our sessions for a few months and loved every visit. You cleared many blocks that I wasn’t even aware of, but after each meeting, I noticed continual feelings of improvement. My stress level went down gradually and my use of prescription medications declined at the same time. I was fortunate to also lessen my allergy reactions (meds too) and my asthma is gone as well. The acid reflux is stopped and my sleep is back to normal. I have so many improvements to be thankful for! My life is finally my own again.”

Lynne Sayers, Laguna Niguel


We all have memories, right? Some of these memories are pleasant, some traumatic, some neutral and some are simply odd. It’s like these memories exist but they don’t. Sometimes they feel like shadows of memories, images and feelings that cannot be put into words, yet their presence is definitely real. Some are super clear yet have to tangible reason for existing.  Some come as dreams. Clear realistic dreams that keep repeating throughout our lives. And then there are fears, phobias and unusual behaviors that seem to have no tangible origin, yet there cannot be denied.

Sometimes we meet people whom we recognize as if we have known them our entire lives. When we resonate with these people and they resonate with us, magic happens. However, more often then not, we get ourselves into a toxic situation that we even recognize as toxic yet, no matter how hard we try, we cannot take ourselves out of it.

If you allow for a possibility of reincarnation then looking at your story from another life can be a very powerful and healing experience. If you allow for a possibly of prior existence then you will see that none of us comes to this earth pure and innocent. Each of us arrives encoded with a particular set of skill, strengths and weaknesses that together help to determine who you are today and shape who you will be tomorrow.

If you do not allow for a possibility of reincarnation then simply looking at your own life as if you were another person living in another era can lead to incredible insights into your own psyche. Our subconscious uses the language of storytelling and symbolism, it does not understand logic and reason. This is why humans love storytelling.  And what can be a better story than the one about yourself?

Doing a past life regression can help you understand:

  • Why you do what you do and how to strengthen or change your thoughts and behavior
  • Why you have certain unexplained character traits and how to use these traits to help you succeed in life
  • Why certain people or types of are in our lives and what do about that
  • Why we seem to get stuck in particular patterns and how to either strengthen those patterns or stop them
  • Why we experience particular situations and how to use this understanding for healing and prosperity

Notice that I am not simply saying that an understanding of a past life can help you understand yourself. That is true, but this is not the power of a past life regression. At least not the way I do it. Simply understanding why you are how you are, although fun and informative does not help you grow. What helps you to grow is understanding what you can do to heal a trauma of a past life or what can you do to harness the magic of a past life.

I believe that each of us has had numerous past lives. By themselves, these past lives are nothing but entertainment at best and excuses to remain a victim at worst. But add an action to this understanding and you change your future and that of those around you. When you understand a trauma and heal it, then you have the power to no longer repeat the mistake of the past. When you understand a past talent or a victory and choose to expand on it, you have a powerful reserve to draw from.

When you come see me for a past life regression, I will ask you what is it that you would like to work on. In other words, what is it that you would like to heal or grow in this life.  Then I will ask Spirit to show me those past lives that have a direct influence on the issue you are facing today. I will share with you the information I receive and then together we will go into one or more of these lives. We will explore them, understand what happened, why it happened and how it impact you today. Then we will shift the energy in those lives, healing the trauma or connecting you to the power present in those lives.

120 minutes – $375


P.S. Click here to read several client stories and also a bit of my own journey of past life exploration.


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