Intuitive Reading: Learn about yourself and expand your world

“Dina is a gifted spiritual guide and energy/Reiki healer… very wise and intuitive.  She was spot on with my chakra reading,  healing processes and her sage advice was very well received on all levels, health, emotional and spiritual.”  JR, South Florida


About intuitive readings:

An intuitive reading (also known as a psychic reading) can provide the information you need to make decisions, create healthy relationships, attract abundance, and achieve harmony, peace and happiness in all areas of your life. It is a great way to learn about yourself, your situation, what makes your great and what zaps your powers.

During a reading you may learn about events from this life, past lives, or ancestral karmic patterns that are playing a role in your life today.

A reading may also help you understand your habits, patterns, boundaries, beliefs, and relationships, so that you can address them, if you wish to do so.

Often a reading will confirm what you already know or suspect but do not trust your own intuition to fully accept.

If you have specific things you would like to discuss, I recommend you write them down prior to the reading so that you do not forget to ask. However, you do not need to come prepared with questions, as Spirit will show me the information that is important for you to know at this time. All I ask is that you come with an open mind ready to hear what Spirit has to say to you.

Sometimes people are curious about how the spirit world works, what happens with your soul when you pass on, how to connect to your guides or spirit animals, how past lives influence you today and so on. These things can be explored during an intuitive reading. It’s like your very own private class about the spirit world.

If you have never had a Reading before, I suggest you ask for a “Chakra Reading” as it will give you the most complete understanding of your current energetic state, you energetic block, leaks and untapped resources.

Each session is unique but the general layout is like this:

  • – At the start of each Intuitive Reading session, I first connect with my and your Spirit Guides. I am very particular about what types of energetic beings I work with and I make sure that the information I receive comes from the highest possible source.
  • – I ask you to state your full name three times so that I can tune into your energy.
  • – If you have specific questions, relationships or situations that you would like to explore, then we can talk about those.
  • – If you do not have anything specific in mind, then I will just start talking. I will not need to receive any information from you aside from your full name.
  • – In addition to simply sharing what I see, I always ask Spirit for advice on what you can do to address your current circumstances. This is an important part of the reading, as my intention it help you heal, grow and proper.
  • – I also examine your aura, chakras and the energy flow, noting any leaks or blocks.
  • – Sometimes your friends or family members that have passed on may come through with a message. Sometimes your Angelic Guide or Unseen Friends will also show up.
  • – I share all information I receive to you verbally and answer your questions.
  • – In certain cases I may pull a card from my oracle deck or will go into a trance state to directly channel an Angelic Guide.
  • – Sometimes a reading is like a coaching session except that my knowledge does not only come from what I was taught in class or experienced with prior clients. It also comes from a direct connection to my and your Spirit Guides, giving us a lot more insight into your unique situation.
  • – If appropriate, I suggest activities, exercises, meditations and visualizations that would help you to achieve your goals.

What things can an intuitive session help me understand or resolve:

The purpose of the intuitive reading session is to help you gain clarity in your life so that you can make better choice. A number of client have told me “wow, I did not know that a reading can help me with such and such!” As a result, I have prepared a guide that provides examples of things that a reading can help you understand or resolve. This is not a complete list by any means, but it should give you a good idea on where to start.

People often ask how I receive the information:

This information comes to me through images, words, sounds, feelings, bodily sensations and inner knowing.

The best way I can describe it is this:

Think back to when you watched a powerful movie that you can remember well. Now try to remember some of the scenes. Chances are you will see or hear them in your head as images and words. You may also have a memory of the food you were eating during the movie, the friends you watched the movie with and feelings you experienced during that time. That’s pretty much how I see the information in my head.

I am an empath, so I often feel your energy and emotions as if they were my own – except I know that they belong to you. Sometimes I feel the energy within by body (it feels like a tickle or pressure) or with my hands (it feels as if I am pushing against a soft rubber ball.)

Intuitive Reading vs Fortune Telling:

An Intuitive Reading is not the same as Fortune Telling. Fortune Telling tells you the most likely future possibility that is based on your current situation, behavior and thought patterns. Although frequently accurate, it is never one hundred percent set in stone because each of us has free will. Change your patterns and your future will change.

An intuitive reading helps you learn about yourself, your situation, your patterns and your karmic energy so that you can understand what is happening to you, decide what you truly want and alter your life path accordingly. It is an amazing way to learn about yourself and things you can do to improve your life. The objective is to put the power over your life into your hands instead of simply leaving things to fate.

You can read more about Intuitive Reading and Fortune Telling here. 

Intuitive Reading vs Energy Healing:

The main difference between a Reading and a Healing is that during a Reading, I share information with you but I do not work directly with your energy. During a Healing, I work directly with your chakras, aura, various energetic bodies, past lives and ancestry, making an energetic shift that then impacts your daily life and your 3D world experience.

If you are new to energy work or just getting into spirituality, I suggest you schedule a Reading prior to doing a Healing.

Intention and Boundaries:

My intention is to provide you with a full and complete picture about your energetic state or situation and best ways that you can work with it. This is why each session is a full hour, we need this time in order to do a thorough job.

Although it may seem like I am simply relaying information from Spirit, there’s a lot happening in the background. Namely, I always double and triple check that the information I receive is correct, comes from the right source and that is presented to you correctly.

Honestly is important to me, so if I am not receiving information or do not have an answer, I will tell you so.

It is very important that I respect personal boundaries, therefore I will not do a reading on someone who is not present. However, if you are in a relationship with that person, then I can perform a reading on the relationship with the intention of helping you understand what is happening and make your decision accordingly.

To schedule your session:

Click here to fill out the contact form. I will respond to you by email and we will schedule a time.

You can use the same form to ask any question you may have prior to the session.

Each session is 1 hour and $195. I do not offer shorter appointments as we need this time do to a thorough reading.

My office hours:

My regular office hours are  Monday-Thursday 11 am – 6 pm PST and Friday 11 am – 4 pm PST.

Late evening and weekend appointments are available on a limited basis, please let me know if you need a time slot outside my normal hours.

Currently all sessions are performed via phone or Zoom, please specify which you would like at time of booking. Zoom sessions can be recorded, please specify if you would like to record the session at the beginning of our time together.

Payment methods:

Each session is 1 hour and $195.

All new clients must pay prior to the beginning of the session. You can read about the refund/reschedule policy here.

You can use PayPal, Venmo or Zelle, I will provide the information at time of booking.



60 minutes – $250

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