What happens during the spiritual awakening process

Lately one interesting thread keeps showing up in almost every workshop or certification program I lead.

It showed itself during Yoga Teacher training as we were dissecting Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and discussing how we can directly apply Patanjali’s teachings into our modern western life with all of its distractions, chaos and matrices.

It again came up during Reiki Training in relation to spreading our personal story of awakening.

It arose during the Crystal Healer Certification program as we were exploring the subject of soul mates and twin flames.

And a number of my private clients brought up a different version of this same story as we were delving deep into their past lives and ancestral tree.

This story dates back to antiquity and beyond. Plato described it most beautifully in the Republic and so this story has come to be known as Plato’s cave.

I won’t repeat the whole story here. You can google it. But I will highlight one aspect of the story that I find most interesting: If we are used to seeing things in a certain way and then we find out that what we have been perceiving as an actual object was in reality its shadow and not the object itself, what do we do and who do we become?

As I see it, we have several choices to make.

1) Accept the Truth and begin to experience the object as it actually is.

2) Continue to trust the shadow of the object as the true expression of such object.

3) Close our eyes and pretend that neither the object nor its shadow exist.

4) Perceive both. View the object as a new entity apart from its shadow but continue to trust the shadow.

5) Trust neither the object nor its shadow as an expression of Truth.

And then, what do we do?

Do we:

1) Integrate this new experience into our internal world thus creating our reality from the inside out based entirely on our own understanding on the truth. In other words, remain as quiet observers, perhaps with a new, altered view of reality, perhaps not.

2) Initiate movement through the spreading of either message (the object itself or its shadow being the truth), gathering as many people toward our line of thinking, and thus creating an echo chamber of sorts.

Regardless of each choice, how do we then interact with those who do not follow our line of thinking?

Do we:

1) Agree to disagree and love each human as brother or a sister.

2) Become upset and hurt, retreating into self doubt. Or conversely do we strive to push our agenda even harder in the hopes that we will succeed in altering another person’s view to one that matches our reality. In other words, when faced with criticism do we force ourselves or another person to submit into the same belief system.

And then what? Do we find happiness and peace or do we continue the internal search for truth vs illusion or the external battle of trying to align those around us, including ourselves into the same framework of creation.

Humans love patterns. The ego searches for any pattern because it is within the predictability of that pattern where ego feels safe and secure.

And so we, as humans driven by egos’ quest for survival perform the same actions regardless of the initial paradigm we chose to plug into: to see the actual object or it’s shadow.

This is why intention matters. Same action * different intention = different energetic transmutation of the final product.

The most interesting aspect of all this for me is this: how do we know that we are indeed looking that the real object illuminated by sunlight or just another shadow cast by that same object on a different wall in cave. And how do we know that we are indeed outside and not in yet another cave. And how do we choose to act?

For we are quite inclined to take our cave with us wherever we go, even out into the sunlight where we yet again strive to become famous actors in the greatest shadow theater of all – life.

Check out part two where I write about how when we leave a relationship we assume that we are free, autonomous beings where in reality we remain within the confines of the relationship performing each and every action as if we were still bound to another being. In other words, when our cave crumbles and yet we behave exactly the same as if we were still inside that cave.

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