My Muse is gone!

My Muse is gone!

Well, OK she is not gone, she is hidden. Buried underneath the stuff I’ll politely refer to as “life”. She is there, somewhere, stifled underneath broken sprinklers, unpaid bills, smog checks, laundry, dirty floors, out of town guests, LA traffic… what else? Can’t remember, my Memory seems to have joined my Muse under the rubble.

Can you relate?

Sometimes I wonder how my ancestors were able to handle “life”. Especially several generations ago when they did not have dishwashers, washing machines, dryers and single stop shopping superstores. On the other hand, they also did not have smog checks, sprinkles, traffic and electricity bills. Heck, they did not even have electricity.

I’d like to think that they did not have Passion like I do and so they were fine just puttering about their day doing laundry, cooking meals and sweeping floors. But that would be a lie. My ancestral family tree contains a number of authors and scholars. I imagine their own Muse must have visited them from time to time and even had a fling or two with their Passion. I know because there were children produced. They are called Books. I think some are currently residing in a library in Israel.

For me, happiness is important. Following my life’s purpose is important. Thing like running, yoga, writing, being with friends are important. Making a difference in the world even at a micro level is important. I need my Muse free and functioning so she can teach, encourage and inspire me!

I shall free my Muse from the weight of “life”. I shall unleash her laughter and allow her to do foolish things like climbing fences and talk to flies. Yes flies, the funny black things with wings that go bzzz and land on your head.
Here’s my four-step plan to Muse liberation:

1. First I’ll let my Muse rest. Just for a day. After all, everyone needs their beauty sleep. I’ll let her sleep as I sift through “life” and clear space. But only for a day as the Muse can get so easily lost in her dreams and become forgotten.

2. Then I’ll make lists. I will write down all the boring stuff so that my precious and limited memory is not wasted on the to-do.

3. Then, prioritize and realize not everything is life or death. Things can wait. I am not that important, people’s lives do not depend on me and if they were, then broken sprinkles would be the least of my worries. I once heard a story told by a man who was in the control room during the 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger explosion. Now that was life or death! Broken internet and iPhone glitches are not life or death. Perspective, my friends.

4. Finally get help. As much as I think I am a fancy, independent woman who must solve all of her problems by herself, there are people out there to help. The phone books lists them under “C” and “H”, cleaners and handy men. I file them under “A” – angels, simpler that way and more descriptive. There are also friends and family members, also filed under “A”, who are ready to step in to listen, help, give a hug, and call the source of your trouble a “pathetic bastard”. And then there are dogs who just make everything better by letting you rub their bellies. Cats too, but I don’t have one of those.

So there you go. My plan. You are welcome to take my plan and make it your own.

Go ahead, free and unleash your inner Muse!

May our Muses roam the earth freely, may their visits be lengthy and may they breed with our Passions profusely.

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