Energy Healing: how it works and how it can help you heal your body and your mind

What is Energy Healing

Energy healing is an umbrella term for any therapy that works with the body’s energy system to facilitate healing of the physical body and also of the psyche. Think of it as acupuncture without the needles or psychotherapy without the talking.

However, energy healing is not limited to influencing just your physical and mental health. It can help to bring awareness and change to all areas of your life: relationships, your living space, career, personal life, belief systems, finances and things that are outside your five-sensory experiences.

Energy healing is such a broad term and there are so many things you can do with it, that it would be impossible to cover everything in one article.

For this reason, in this article, I will define energy healing as: a tool or technique that works on the human body’s energy system to repair, restore, revive, and strengthen the physical body and the mind. Just keep in mind that this is just a small part of what we can accomplish through energy healing.

To better understand what energy healing is, it helps to first define what we mean by “energy” and “energy body.”

Energy: also known as subtle-energy or life-force-energy or universal-energy-of-all-there-is, is the cosmic energy that transcends physical time and space connecting everything in the universe. The flow and movement of this energy throughout the body can have major effects on your health and well-being on all levels, physical, emotional and mental.

Energy body: In the same way as humans have a physical anatomy, we also have an energy anatomy. Think of your energy body as a holographic version of your body’s organs, bones, muscles, blood vessels, etc… The anatomy, however, is only a small part of the your energy system. Chakras, meridians, past life and ancestral memories, experiences outside your human form, information stored within the soul, programs of belief systems, memories of traumas, unresolved childhood issues, pieces of collective consciousness, cords and connections to other people, non-physical entities and many other things also comprise the human energy body. All of these can be accessed, changed, removed and strengthened through energy work.

An energy healer works with this life-force-energy to make direct changes in the client’s energy body. These changes then influence the mental, emotional and the physical bodies, helping the person lead a healthier and happier life.

Look at it this way: A medical doctor helps your physical body heal, a psychotherapist helps your mental and emotional bodies heal, an energy healer helps your spiritual or energy body heal.

This is a simplified explanation because certain forms of energy healing also directly heal your mental and emotional bodies. Many also create conditions that are conducive to healing at the physical level. However, for the sake of simplicity, we can say that energy healing works on the body’s energy system. Once the energy is in balance, the effects trickle up to the other systems, eventually resulting in a mental, emotional and physical healing.

This happens because everything that is now physical had started off as energy and over time had materialized into its current physical form.

All diseases first take root within the energy body, then they move up into the mental/emotional body and only after some time do they manifest themselves into a physical disease.

We can work in the opposite direction too. Heal at the energy level and watch the effects materialize.

Working at the energy level gives us access to the root of the issue. Addressing the issue at its core helps to prevent it from being recreated in the future.

Energy healing also allows us to identify and address issues before they manifest as pain or disease in the physical body.

What Energy Healing is not

Energy healing is not a massage. Although physical touch may be used, in most cases it is not necessary.

Energy healing is not a cure. In other words, an energy healing session will not immediately mend a broken arm, heal a bleeding ulcer, stop diabetes, remove a cancerous growth or prevent death… although there are documented cases when miracles such as these have happened.

It is important to understand that it is not up to the healer to determine another person’s path – this is between the person and God/Goddess/All-there-is. All we can do as healers and clients is ask the universe to facilitate a healing that is for the person’s highest and best good while leaving out our opinion of what this highest and best good should be.

Although certain religious practices incorporate elements of energy healing and certain healing modalities call upon various deities, in itself, energy healing is non-religious and will not interfere with a person’s religious beliefs or practices.

You do not need to believe in energy healing for it to work. All you need to do is allow the possibility that it may work.

What are some common modalities

Some of the more well-known therapies that fall under the heading “Energy Healing” are:

Reiki, Reflexology, Thought Field Therapy, Theta Healing, Ancestral Healing, Past Life Regression, Soul Retrieval, Akashik Records, Acupuncture, Aura and Chakra balancing, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing, Color Therapy and Sound Therapy.

There are many other modalities. Each one works with its own set of vibrations, has its own set of guidelines, rules and ethics. There’s no “best” healing modality, each has its place.

It is important to note that all healing modalities are simply tools and a tool is only as good as the person using it.

I work with a number of modalities depending on the situation. I always set an intention that the healing be for the client’s highest and best good of all life and soul, with ease and grace.

How does Energy Healing work

At a very basic level, energy healing removes energetic blocks, stops energetic leaks, removes foreign energies from the energy body and restores what is missing. Once the energy body comes into its optimal state, the mental, emotional and the physical bodies have no choice but to follow.

Here’s a simple analogy to illustrates this:

Imagine if you had a physical cut that was constantly bleeding out or a blood clot that kept growing bigger and bigger. Eventually, you will either loose too much blood or your key organs will start to shut down because they are not receiving necessary nutrients. In both cases you would also run the risk of infection or sepsis, creating additional problems.

As I wrote above, in the same way as humans have a physical anatomy, we also have an energy anatomy. Think about your physical body, your organs, bones, muscles, blood vessels, etc… and then imagine them as a hologram.

This holographic body experiences similar types of leaks, blocks and infections as a physical body, except the cut, the clot and the infected wound are non physical, they are at the energy level.

By removing energetic blocks, stopping energetic leaks and healing energetic infections, we are helping your energy body reach its optimal health. The effects then flow up into your mental, emotional, physical bodies, creating optimal conditions for them to heal and prosper.

Energy Healing is an excellent addition to other methods of healing, including Western or allopathic, or homeopathic. Leading hospitals such as Johns Hopkins, the Mayo Clinic, and UCLA offer Reiki and other Energy Healing services to their patients, especially pre/post surgery and alongside chemotherapy.

All diseases start at the energy level, but so do healings. Heal the energy body and the effects will trickle up to the mental, emotional and physical.

The nice thing about working with the energy body is that unlike the physical body, your energy body is not limited by time and space. The energy body draws information from many incarnations – on earth and in other dimensions, from your ancestral line, from your soul’s “databank,” from the non-physical energies that are all around you and from many other places.

Does Energy Healing work over distance and if so, how?

Most definitely. Energy healing does work over distance and over time. It also works across dimensions.

The technique used depends on the system. For example, in Reiki, we designate an object to represent a person and then perform a healing on the object, which in turn translates into a healing on the person.

When I perform energy healing over distance, I bring forward a holographic image of the client. Then I look into each chakra of the hologram in order to see what is happening within the person’s energy. We then verbally discuss the issue. When ready, I remove the energetic imprint and the impact of the issue.

I use the same process for in-person healings as I do for distance healings. The main difference is that during an in-person healing, I provide a nice space for you to relax in, while for a distance healing it is up to the client to make sure that their space is comfortable and that they will not be disturbed.

To find out more about how a distance healing session works, click here. 

How can Energy Healing Help me?

I would need to write an entire book if I were to describe everything that energy healing is capable of. What I will say here is that because we are not limited by space and time, we have access to a lot of information and we can make shifts in places that the traditional medicine has not yet gained access to.

The following is a sample of issues that can be resolved or alleviated through its use:

  • – Process grief, either from death of a loved one or death of a relationship
  • – Relieve emotional issues such as tension, stress, anxiety, fears, traumas, and phobias
  • – Relieve physical issues such as headaches, stomachaches, muscle aches, and post-operative pain
  • – Learn more about the relationship between your physical body, your emotions and belief systems
  • – Stand in your power by balancing your physical, emotional and energetic bodies
  • – Identify, resolve, and release trauma and emotional issues
  • – Make it easier to let go of the past and live in the now
  • – Increase forgiveness and compassion
  • – Free you from addictions to self-destructive programs
  • – Heighten psychic senses and intuitive abilities
  • – Connect with your Higher Self
  • – Increase creativity and connection with your inner child
  • – Learn to love yourself
  • – Discover the keys to releasing physical pain and dis-ease in your body
  • – Learn how remain calm emotionally, mentally and/or physically
  • – Change your old patterns of thinking that no longer serve you and are harmful to your health
  • – Reduce anxiety, manage stress and bring about mental and emotional stability

Since everything begins at the energetic level, energy healing can address pretty much any physical, mental or emotional issue. Its success mainly depends on the effort that the client is willing to put into their healing process (in and out of a healing session), the competency of the healer and on the soul’s path.

Some experiences are necessary for a soul’s evolution and no matter how much we try, we cannot always command the universe to give us what we desire. However, what we can generally do is decrease suffering and bring in light and love so that a client’s journey happens with ease and grace, no matter the end result.

Where can I get more information?

Click here to read about what happens during an energy healing session.

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