Why are you constantly feeling frustrated?

Are you feeling frustrated? Does it seem like no matter how hard you try, the results are just not there? In the next installment of our Oracle Card readings we talk to our friend named Frustration.

❓ Hello Frustration, my old, trusted companion that simply won’t go away. What are you trying to teach me today? I’m listening.

🎴The card that came up is: Artist

⭐️ The Artist card represents our innate power to express ourselves, our emotions, needs, desires through creativity.

⭐️ She invites us to to shed lights on old ideas, preconceptions and to challenge outdated concepts.

The artist is a second chakra card because it deals with our creativity and ability to create.

It is also a first chakra card because it asks us to question our foundation: what is right, what is wrong. It asks us to look at the coulds, shoulds, needs, and wants that someone somewhere somehow taught us to believe in…

What this all means is that if you keep encountering walls and fences, perhaps you are going in the wrong direction. Or maybe you are going in the right direction – right for someone else, but not for you.

Perhaps Frustration is that part of you that is keeping you honest with yourself, a referee of sorts that you have appointed to maintain balance between your brain and your heart.

Somewhere deep inside, you know that what you are doing is not aligned with what you feel you should be doing, and Frustration is simply keeping you from making a big mistake. 

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