From Boredom to Bliss: My Journey into Guided Meditation

About 22 years ago, I went to this really boring thing called meditation.

The facilitator said a bunch of words with a serious face, everyone nodded with the same serious expression. Then they closed their eyes and sat there looking enlightened.

I closed my eyes too, but instead of enlightenment, I found stiff legs. I opened my eyes and stared at the facilitator for the remainder of the class. I was hoping that once I saw what enlightenment looked like, then I’d know how to meditate.

I didn’t see any enlightenment, but it passed the time and made the guy really uncomfortable.

I tried meditation a couple of other times, didn’t see why people would pay money to be bored and stiff. So, I went to yoga instead, which I really liked.

One day, the yoga teacher had us finish our practice earlier than usual.

She said she was going to tell us a story; our job was to lie on our yoga mat with eyes closed and follow along.

Listening to her voice reminded me of listening to books on tape, except I was the main character who went on some kind of quest and came out a hero.

It was entertaining, and I felt great afterward.

We loved it, and so it became a regular thing in that class. We’d finish the practice early and listen to a story.

Three months later, I discovered that I was not playing Zelda in my head; I was (gulp) – meditating!

It was a particular kind of meditation – guided meditation, and it was so much fun!

So, if you think you can’t meditate or you hate meditation, I feel you. I’m the same. Sitting there doing nothing is still torture, even after all these years.

But guided meditation is different. It’s not at all boring, you don’t have to sit still like a statue, and you always feel better afterward.

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