Classes & Workshops

My classes are not just training programs. They are a journey into your own self—you as a human, a spirit, and as an endless soul. With me, you are not just learning skills but digging deep into who you really are, uncovering your true self, revealing your inner gifts, and embracing your soul’s purpose.


21feb7:00 PM8:30 PMReiki Share Circle - FREE Community EventPractice energy healing, share experiences, and uplift each other

22feb6:30 PM8:30 PMChakra Healing for Physical and Emotional WellnessDiscover the role of chakras in your physical, mental, and emotional well-being, and learn chakra balancing techniques


07mar6:00 PM7:30 PMYoga Teacher Training: Preventing burnout and creating safe space

13mar7:00 PM9:00 PMGroup Healing and Chakra Activation SessionClear your aura, balance chakras, and renew your energy

16mar3:00 PM4:30 PMConnect with Your Spirit GuidesConnect with your Spirit Guides, embrace their wisdom and gain a deeper understanding of your path.

21mar6:00 PM10:00 PMReiki 1 Healer Certification🌟 Become a Healer and Create a Life of Harmony and Inner Peace

24mar12:00 PM4:00 PMReiki 2 Healer CertificationTake your Reiki practice to the next level

30mar6:00 PM7:30 PMMeet Your Spirit AnimalConnect with your spirit animal and receive a message of love and support

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