• Ashley P. – Miami FL

    When I met Dina I had just left an abusive relationship with a narcissist. Dina helped fight for me when I couldn’t fight for myself. To be more clear, she helped me see that I was something worth fighting for. Whether Dina knows this or not, she for sure saved me from my self destructive self. It was a ROUGH time in my life and I was heading down a bad road. Then I started this journey and it is one of the best decisions I’ve made!

    I am blessed, humbled, and grateful to know this beautiful soul.

  • how to know your soul's purpose

    Mayka C. – Los Angeles, CA

    Somehow I got disconnected from my spiritual path and could not figure out how to find my way back. Dina helped me understand the blocks holding me back and find ways to reconnect with my inner guidance. She also helped me connect to my inner gifts. If you’re on a journey of self-discovery and looking for a way to connect with your spiritual self, I highly recommend a reading with Dina

  • how to know your soul's purpose

    Maria F. – Laguna Niguel, CA

    In Dina’s classes, you are not just learning skills but digging deep into who you really are, uncovering your true self, revealing your inner gifts, and embracing your soul’s purpose.

  • Elia K. – Malden, MA

    I was feeling overwhelmed by the stress of work and personal responsibilities. I tried meditation, exercise and other things that people say help, but none worked. Dina helped me find what was actually stressing me out and why I could not shake it off

  • Shilah S. – Vancouver, CA

    Since the session, I have noticed a profound change. There is a lingering peace, clarity, and the ability to deliver my own message so much more authentically. Natural synergies have been arising and I feel that I am on the right path. I no longer doubt myself and I am ready to shine!

  • Nellia F. – Corpus Christi, TX

    Dina channeled some truths through my ancestors that she had ABSOLUTELY NO WAY of knowing. I was shocked and grateful and a sense of deep relief washed over me after Dina’s work was done

  • Alecs R. Jerusalem, Israel

    Dina’s reading session was wonderful, and while some things didn’t make sense at the time, they all made sense a few months later once I found out more about our family history.  I’ve already referred others to Dina’s services.

  • intuitive reading

    Jeanine H. – Lisbon, Portugal

    My relationship was going through a rough patch and I couldn’t figure out how to communicate effectively with my partner. Dina helped me better understand my partner’s perspective and communicate more effectively. Our relationship is much better now.

  • Ancestral healing

    Norah M. – Mexico City, Mexico

    I always felt like my ancestors are watching me and want to help me. A very specific ancestor came through in my session and passed her healing gifts down to me. This experience changed my life. Now I am confident in following my true calling to be a shamanic healer

  • intuitive reading

    Mark K. – Boston, MA

    I was feeling burned out and unmotivated at work, but I could not figure out why because I like my job and the people I work with. Dina helped me see the underlying emotional and spiritual issues that were impacting my career. My passion for my job is back

  • Bonnie M. – Visalia, CA

    Dina’s intuitive abilities, combined with her warm and compassionate presence, made me feel supported and understood in ways I never thought possible. The guidance I received has helped me work through my blocks and align my life with my soul’s purpose

  • how to know your soul's purpose

    Christy – Costa Mesa, CA

    Dina helped me understand, accept and love myself. She validated what I knew deep within and brought to light what I needed to work on. I now understand why I am here and what I need to do. I am forever grateful for what she has done for me and am working on myself every day

  • Alex R. – San Juan Capistrano, CA

    Ancestral healing has helped me clear my limiting beliefs about money and success. I have also met my ancestor who was a successful businessman, and whenever I need help with my business, I ask him for advice, he’s like my secret weapon now

  • intuitive reading

    Alexandra P. – Mission Viejo, CA

    From the moment I sat down with Dina, I felt a sense of warmth and comfort. She created a welcoming space where I could openly discuss my concerns and goals. As she began assessing my chakras, I could feel her deep connection to the energy within me. Since the reading, I have noticed significant positive changes in my energy and overall well-being

  • past life regression

    Ilya T. – Laguna Beach, CA

    Dina helped me to see the bigger picture in my life and helped me understand what I actually want. I no longer stress over the little things that used to bother me and I am much happier.

  • how to know your soul's purpose

    Angela T. – Irvine, CA

    Dina has a deep understanding of the chakra system and how it affects our well-being. She explained the importance of each chakra and how it connects to different aspects of my life. Dina’s extensive knowledge and the way she explains made it easy for me to understand what was happening to me. If you’re looking for an experienced intuitive reader, Dina is the perfect choice

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