• Kathy, San Juan Capistrano, CA

    I have taken Reiki one and two from Dina. She is extremely knowledgeable and a wonderful teacher who is always there to answer any questions and offer guidance. I originally took her class for my own health concerns. However it has made such a huge difference in my life I decided to share this alternative healing modality. I am now a Reiki practitioner with several clients and I love knowing that I’m helping people!

  • Tamara, Orange, CA

    Locked in Notary class 7:30-5:45 yesterday with massive head-ache.  Reiki on test and have never had easier test.  All answers came immediately.  Won’t get results for a few weeks but unless I missed all their trick questions which they are notorious for then WOW!!!  Thanks Dina!

  • Mar, Mission Viejo

    Reiki Master Dina Kleiman was an incredible instructor and guide in the two Reiki classes that I attended.  She instilled in me how amazing Reiki can be to not only work on ourselves, but assist others.
    Dina also made the class fun with her positive and easy going style.  Even though there was often a class discussion she kept the class focused.  She  is well prepared, knowledgeable, and patient; which are attributes that make for a nice class experience.
    If you are interested in Reiki – definitely take her classes!

  • Nicole @dayoffdishes

    I used Reiki constantly this summer as I traveled through Europe. We went to the Dali museum in Cadaques, Spain and I felt suffocated and like I wanted to run out screaming! My head was hurting so bad from the pressure. I used Reiki to surround myself with light and only allow the highest vibrations and was able to enjoy the rest of the tour. It ended up being one of my favorite places so I was very grateful for Reiki!

  • Jeannette, San Juan Capistrano

    My experience at the Healing Circle was very positive. I could physically feel the energy from both Healers.
    I went to the event with intention of learning how to heal from my illness. Instead, I  was told that my illness is a distraction for a decision I need to make. It’s obvious to me what the decision is, now I just need to woman up and make it.

  • Alan, San Clemente

    I felt a deep relaxation at the Group Energy Healing with the meditation, singing bowls and chanting.  The group energy was a powerful experience.
    I will and have recommended future sessions to my friends.

  • A.E., Irvine

    I am a natural skeptic. When I had my first healing session with Dina I did not expect anything at all. But I came out a believer. Dina has a gift. She is intuitive and empathetic. I was able to open up to her and the session left me with tremendous clarity. I will  return to her to do more work.

  • JR, South Florida

    Dina is a gifted spiritual guide and energy/Reiki healer… very wise and intuitive.  She was spot on with my chakra reading,  healing processes and her sage advice was very well received on all levels, health, emotional and spiritual.

  • Sarah, Lake Forest

    I have been meaning to write to say thank you so much for the wonderful energy healing session I had. The session was truly healing and I am looking forward to working with you again as soon as my schedule allows! Thank you so much.

  • Brian, Irvine

    Your page spoke to me more than other healers in the area. I knew that you would be the one to help me. I’m completely thrilled with our session and know I am going in the right direction. I am so grateful I found you.

  • Olga Solonin, Aliso Viejo

    My boys and I love your meditation classes.  I took them to another meditation teacher and they said “it was OK but it was no Dina” 🙂  We will be back for more!!

    My hypnotherapy session was AMAZING and POWERFUL.  I came home feeling happy, simple, energized, content with my life, at peace with things as they are … No inhaling of plants required … just air … THANK YOU, DINA!!!  I am going to listen to the recording every night!!!

  • Debbie, Laguna Niguel

    I just wanted to share the experience I had the other night at group healing. It was a very nice evening and I did see a golden globe, like when the sun sets and several times I saw flashes of white light. I thought for sure my back was going to give me problems from laying on the floor, and it was a pleasant surprise that it did not. Thank you again for a nice evening.

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