Beyond the physical world: Exploring the mystical realm of trance channeling

I am a Vocal Trance Channel. What that means is that I am able to set my conscious self aside, have my ego step out of my body an allow an angelic being named Ra-ja to speak through me using my voice and through writing.

Ra-ja also assists me during energy readings and healings, however, she will only speak through me upon my direct invitation once I enter the trance state.

There are several other high vibrational beings that I allow to use my voice and body for the purposes of bringing through knowledge and healing, however, Ra-ja is my primary one. She also ensures that the other beings I channel are of the highest integrity and are appropriate and safe for me to channel.

Some famous trance channels are:

Lee Carroll – Kryon, Esther Hicks – Abraham, Edgar Cayce – Tom the Tutor, John of God – Joao Teixeira de Faria

Difference between channeling and psychic reading:

During a reading, I am fully present and I serve as a translator between the spirit world and the human world. I see images, hear words, feel emotions, which I then turn into a story. I know what I am going to say before I say it.

When I channel, the information comes in much quicker and I do not know what I will say or write before I actually hear myself say it or read what I wrote. I literally become aware of what I have said or written after I have done it.

Channeling is not only about the message but also the quality of the energy that comes through with the messages.

The energy coming through channeling is that of a much higher vibration, usually, clients will feel the energetic shift that takes place once Raja’s conscience replaces mine.

To channel or not to channel:

Channeling is an excellent technique to use with clients who are looking for answers about their cosmic origins, soul purpose, deep spiritual healing, personal ascension into the 5D and other topics related to their soul growth and to their role as a lightworker.

Channeling is not the best technique to answer 3D-type questions – relationships, finances, health, job, living situation, etc… This is because the high vibrational beings that I channel are not interested in predicting what will happen tomorrow. They are not interested in the mundane every-day concerns of earthlings. They come through for the explicit purpose of providing a higher perspective of our journey on earth, bringing light and healing.

It is possible to channel lower vibrational energies that will give useful advice to assist us with our daily problems, however, I do not channel them because I can get access to the same information through reading.

How channeling feels to me:

As I enter the trance state, my body begins to feel light and my mind drops into the zone that is between asleep and awake. Some may say that my brain starts emitting theta brain waves.

Once I invite Ra-ja in, her energy connects with my body through the back of my heart charka. Sometimes it feels like someone is slapping me between the shoulder blades. As her energy flows through my body, I feel this incredible sense of peace and unconditional love. Unconditional love is not toward someone or something. It’s not even an emotion nor a feeling, it’s more of a state of existence.

My voice takes on a lightly different quality and my pronunciation changes slightly because the high vibrational energy moving through me impacts my physical self and my tongue moves differently. The cadence of my voice changes as well, matching the music of the energy as it moves through me.

I really love how I feel when I channel. Once I fully get into the trance state, my human wants, needs, fears, and desires are gone. I enter a blissful state of love. It feels like I am floating on a peaceful ocean knowing that everything I need will come to me with ease and grace. I get a similar feeling when I do readings and healings too, but not to the degree as I do when I channel.

Learning how to channel:

Channeling, as a technique, is easy and natural, It is also very safe, as long as you do the prep work required for it and only channel high vibrational beings.

This takes time, patience, and willingness to look deep within your own shadow. It involves letting go of wounds and triggers, growing, changing, forgiving and healing your past so that you may become a pure, clean vessel for spirit.

This is because the vibrational quality of the being that is coming through in channeling is directly related to the channel’s inner state and own vibration. Channels who vibrate at low frequencies due to uncontrolled ego, unresolved trauma, fears, or for other reasons will bring through lower vibrational energies – these don’t always feel good and can provide incorrect information.

If you want to channel high vibrational beings, you must raise your own vibration and prepare your body so that it can handle the powerful energy that is moving through.

Do you want to learn how to channel?

Channeling is much more than simply knowing a technique or having a natural predisposition to communicate with the spirit world. You must first heal and transmute anything that would prevent you from making a pure connection to a high vibrational being. And then you must ensure that you are indeed connecting to the right energy source and are bringing in pure, unadulterated information. I do not recommend you allow any spirit to enter your body without proper training, yes, even if you have the “gift.” When it comes to channeling, training is important and it should be done with an actual teacher observing and guiding you, not with a book or an online course.

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