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shamanic healing

I have had Dina come to two of my homes and spiritually clean both of them.

The first one was because there was an uncomfortable feeling in the back bedroom where my husband and I slept. It was more than the feeling of someone watching me. It got to the point where I could not sleep in my room anymore and my husband and I were sleeping in the living room on the couches!!!

We had someone come in previous to Dina and explain the situation which was helpful. Although it did not clear up the situation. Once we had Dina come in and work on our home the problem in our back bedroom was gone and we could sleep in our bed again. We lived in the home another year without any other things happening and we loved where we lived!

Eventually, we did have to move to a larger home. After about 6 months we had Dina come over to Spiritual Clean and Bless our new home. I had always felt funny on the stairs, like uneasy. After Dina visited, I no longer felt that way and I love my new place!

Dina is so wonderful and explaining what she is doing, seeing and feeling. You can hang out with her and go from room to room or not. I love that! I feel blessed to be able to have Dina raise the vibration in my home and have her show me how to do things moving forward on my own. She is amazing, gifted and knowledgeable!!!

Bonnie, Aliso Viejo, CA

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