Anxiety Relief: Removing Energetic Cords of Trauma

When we experience trauma, especially in childhood and in abusive relationships, it leaves a lasting mark called a “trauma imprint.” These imprints shape how we feel and act.

Abusive relationships add another complication because as the abuse happens, the abuser creates an opening in the energy of the victim to which they energetically attach, and they stay attached long past the separation. Decades after the abuse, dead or alive, the abuser pulls on these cords they created.

The easier way to understand this is to think about an energetic vampire who pulls on these cords when they need “fuel.”

As a result, you find yourself navigating life with a constant undercurrent of fear, anxiety, or hypervigilance. Simple situations trigger intense emotional responses, and you struggle to trust others or yourself. Your sense of self-worth is deeply impacted, leading to feelings of shame, guilt, or unworthiness. Interpersonal relationships become fraught with challenges as you struggle with boundaries, intimacy, and vulnerability.

Physically, the effects of trauma imprints and energetic cords can manifest in various ways, from chronic pain and tension to health issues stemming from prolonged stress. Mentally, you battle with intrusive thoughts, flashbacks, or dissociation as your mind attempts to cope with the overwhelming memories. Emotionally, you oscillate between numbness and overwhelming emotions, finding it difficult to regulate your feelings or find moments of peace.

The good news is that these energetic trauma imprints and energetic cords can be easily removed in an energy healing session.

When you are ready to release the lingering effects of past traumas, remove the energetic cords that bind you to negative experiences, and restore balance to your mind, body, and spirit, schedule this healing session.

It will help you discover a newfound sense of lightness and freedom, allowing you to move forward with clarity, resilience, and renewed vitality.

Click here to schedule your Cord Removal and Trauma Imprint Clearing session.

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