Client stories of healing and growth, part 2

Meet real people who have faced seemingly insurmountable challenges and found their way to healing and transformation.

How Anne learned to trust her intuition and make difficult choices

“I am sixty-five years old, entering the last chapter of my life, I don’t want to spend it with a man who does not see me for who I am and does not share my values. But this is my third marriage and I am not sure I am ready to walk away. What should I do?”

Anne, the woman sitting in front of me was one of the most unusual people I have ever met. As soon as she walked into my office and introduced herself, I saw something I have not seen before or since.

“You are not afraid of death, are you?” I asked, right after shaking her hand and introducing myself.

The woman showed no surprise at being asked this strange question.

“That is correct,” she said. “I work at hospice care and I do what I can so that people can live out their lives in dignity. I have just helped my mother-in-law cross over, I feel so grateful to have been able to do that. Dignity is so important and that’s what I am here to give people – dignity!”

Now, I ask you, how was I supposed to tell a woman so much wiser (and older) than myself whether to file for a divorce? If anything, she should be the one giving me advice.

But since she came to me with a problem she could not figure out on her own, I had to at least try to help her.

But rather than giving her a yes or no answer and taking the power of choice away from her, I asked Spirit to show me what would happen if she remained in the relationship and what would happen if she left.

I didn’t so much look at the financial stuff, that’s for an accountant to figure out, not an intuitive reader.

Instead, I looked to see what her day-to-day would be like, what she would be doing, and how she would be feeling.

I shared the positive aspects of each choice and the negative ones… and then I asked her: “Which life do you want?”

As soon as she heard this question, she sat up straight, her face relaxed and her gaze brightened.

“I now know what to do,” she said. “I am going to take this information home and work with it. You have shown me my path, now I need to take it.”

I ran into this woman a few years later at a spiritual midwifery class – we were both learning how to help people’s spirit cross over once it leaves the physical body.

It was inappropriate for me to ask her whether or not she stayed with her husband – what happens in a reading remains between my office walls, I do not discuss personal matters in social situations.

But I can tell you that she looked absolutely radiant, so it seems that she was at peace with whatever decision she made.

Are you a faerie person? How to recognize faerie energy in the human world

I once had a client who was a faerie. Well, not once, I’ve had a number of Faerie clients, but this one stuck out because she was so unmistakably a faerie.

Well, she was a human, obviously, but her energy was very fae.

She was very sad and angry about the cruel world we live in and came to me for help because she could not stand feeling this way anymore.

Actually, she asked me to help her deal with her anxiety but the anxiety was just a symptom. The real cause was the excruciating pain she felt every time she saw humans do hurtful things to the earth and all of its creatures.

But this story isn’t about her – it’s about faerie people in general.

A faerie person’s signature is quite unique. When you first encounter a faerie person, it’s quite hard to place them but once you see a few of them, then you can recognize them more easily.

Their energy is big and small at the same time. It has a fast-moving quality to it, although the actual human may be quite grounded and even stoic. A faerie is confusing and easy to understand at the same time. They are sweet and friendly, yet, I would not want to get on their bad side as they can be quite explosive.

Basically, faerie energy is one of paradox.

They generally have a magic touch when it comes to plants or animals (and sometimes small children) and they take it personally when they see people being cruel to animals or to the planet.

How Christine discovered the not-so-obvious reason behind her self-deprecating thoughts

“I have these stupid, self-deprecating thoughts in my head that are there for no reason, can you help me get rid of them?” asked Christine as she was entering my office.

A reading revealed the spirit of a disgruntled man that “lived” in her aura and kept complaining about everyone and everything (think of it like a haunted house, but it’s a haunted person.)

This spirit attached itself to Christine many years ago when she had an emergency appendectomy.

This is not an uncommon thing to happen, spirits can attach to us when we are vibrating low, due to stress or disease. It’s really not a big deal, the body usually clears itself of external energies as part of the recovery process (think virus, but at the energy level).

But sometimes there are things going on that prevent the body from clearing itself. In that case, the spirit remains attached.

To resolve the issue we performed healing on the attached spirit and sent him into the spirit world freeing Christine of his energy.

A week later, Christine told me that the “stupid thoughts” were now more like a habit rather than something she felt compelled to do.

PS: The spirit release process is one of the most beautiful and life-affirming parts of my job. It is nothing like what you see in exorcism moves. It’s a ceremony full of compassion and hope, I’ll talk about it another time.

The cost of protection: How Kathy’s grandmother’s spirit got in the way of business growth

Kathy, a graphic designer, kept undercharging her clients for her work and then feeling resentful because she felt like she was being taken advantage of.

She said that every time she thought about raising her prices, a little voice would pop up in her head, telling her to be happy with what she had and to not rock the boat because she could “lose it all.”

This inner voice would give her such anxiety that she would rather feel resentful than endure the thoughts about “losing it all.”

Kathy wanted to clear up whatever was causing this issue so that she could be paid what she was worth.

A reading revealed a very strong connection to her grandmother’s spirit.

That grandmother had lived through the great depression and suffered tremendously.

Because she loved her granddaughter so much, she wanted to protect her and so she projected her money fears onto her granddaughter.

We performed ancestral healing and we also helped her grandmother’s spirit to cross over into the spirit realm to get her own healing (more on earth-bound spirits and crossing over later).

Kathy raised her prices first by 10%, then by 25%, then by 50% and the clients kept coming and coming.

How Maya discovered the real reason she kept attracting unavailable men

Maya came in for a reading, wanting to know why, while she was ready for a committed relationship, every guy she dated was emotionally unavailable.

Looking at her energy, the answer was clear:

Maya had a very strong connection with her guides and was asking them to help her grow spiritually and personally. At the same time, whenever she entered a relationship, she became overly reliant on her partner for validation and self-worth. In doing so, she lost parts of herself, all to avoid feeling lonely.

Maya was seeking spiritual growth while trying to give her power away, two things that can’t go together. This often happens – we do two opposite things at the same time and wonder why we are stuck in place.

Because Maya was doing so much self-work, her guides ensured that she would not sabotage her spiritual growth by connecting her only to those men who would send her packing when she got too close.

Maya had two choices: give up her quest for spiritual growth and settle for someone to avoid being alone or continue growing and learn how to be okay on her own until the right person came.

Maya laughed when I told her this. She said she had already tried option one with her ex, and she didn’t want to go back there.

She chose option two, and that’s what we worked on – helping Maya increase her self-confidence, let go of the fear of being alone, and no longer need to rely on external validation.

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