Message from Spirit: are you weird by not feeling how you think you should feel

Message from Raja*.

Hello our Dear Friend,

What a day it is. We can hear the birds chirping and see the flowers growing. Human existence is amazing. Just the color variations and possibilities are endless. You can see so much but there is even more you cannot see. Earlier humans saw fewer colors than you and that is the wonder of evolution, possibilities get wider and wider. What a trip it is to be you. Thank you for bringing us in and sharing the world through your eyes.

As to your questions about the concept of weird, about should and could and would. You are a tribal species. You live in a social group and that is important to you. You are slower than a lion and weaker than a whale. You take a long time to mature and like all creatures you can expire at a blink of an eye. So you do need each other to survive.

But you need each other for more than just physical survival. You need each other for emotional survival too. You need to express your thoughts and ideas and you need to be heard. So being in a group is of ultimate importance to you.

Even those of you who are world travelers, angels in the human body who have come to rely on yourself and yourself alone need other people. That is part of your lesson, to learn to live in a pack. And so you are given a natural skill that will help you fit in.

Yes, even those of you who feel like loners have that skill. Without it you would not be aware of the fact that you are indeed alone.

That skill is called emotion. You experience emotion in several ways, you feel your own emotion, you feel the emotion of another person and also of a group as a whole. But you also have language, which complicates matters because in addition to feeling emotion, you can discuss it.

This where you get into trouble. This is where you language gets in the way. Because you learn about what you should feel based on what someone else says. Maybe your parent told you that you should never feel angry. Or you tribe told you that you should feel a need to marry by the time you are thirty and if you don’t then there’s something inherently wrong with you. Maybe you were told that you should not want money, or perhaps that you should want money most of all.

We advise you to always ask yourself, “whose emotion am I feeling?” Or better yet, “whose idea of an emotion am I feeling?” “Did somebody teach me to feel this way, if so who was it?” And most important, “whose emotion am I not feeling?”

In order to be authentic with yourself you have to know yourself. That starts with being able to separate those things whose source is internal to you and those things that originated outside of you but were perhaps adopted by you.

It’s like with us, you know when we are blended and when we are separate. You can tell when we are speaking through you and when you are speaking through you.

We also insist that you are right where you need to be and what you are feeling is valid. Never, ever again allow yourself to experience guilt because you are not feeling the way you should. And when someone calls you weird, or says “that’s weird”, be proud of it. Because what’s weird for one is perfectly normal for another. In a way, each and every being is weird. And that’s wonderful.

As always, it has been a pleasure to be with you; it delights us to have a human voice.

Much love, your friend Raja.

About Raja and Channeling

Raja is an angelic being, an unseen friend with whom I have a special bond and connection. This relationship allows Raja to speak and write through me. Raja also assists me during energy readings and healings.

The process of a spirit directly communicating through a human is called channeling.

A person who allows an unseen friend to speak or write through her is called a channel. Some of the writing that I do on this blog is my original material, other writing is brought directly from the unseen world through a technique called channeled writing.

Often, Raja or another unseen friend will come through during an energy healing session. When that happens, I will go into a trance state and will channel them vocally. Many clients can feel a shift in the energy when it happens, sometimes they will even ask for Raja to come talk with them.

Information received through channeling (written and vocal) differs from that received through a regular psychic reading, especially when it comes from high vibrational beings. The main differences are in the type of message and also the energy that comes through with the message. Our high vibrational unseen friends are not interested in predicting what will happen tomorrow. They are not interested in the mundane every-day concerns of earthlings. They come through for the explicit purpose of providing a higher perspective of our journey on earth, bringing light and healing to us. Their energy comes through the writing and can be very healing and empowering.

They also have much to learn from us. It is a symbiotic relationship that benefits both parties.

You can read more about trance channeling here.

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