Young souls vs old souls

Been thinking about the concept of young souls and old souls. I’m not quite happy with this designation as it’s hierarchical, dualistic and frankly snooty. Snooty as in: “what do you expect, she’s a young soul, she does not know better.“ Or: “you are so wise, you must be an old soul.” The former is generally accompanied by an eye roll and the latter by nodding.

First off, let me ask you, are all old people wiser than young people? It’s a rhetorical question.

But, let’s entertain the subject of old and young souls but slightly change the definition. Let’s define “old” as a soul that has memories of many lifetimes in earth and “young” as one that came from far within the cosmos and/or has few recollections of being a earthling.

Once you learn to spot a young soul, you will forever be enchanted by their fire, energy and light. These souls come to earth with all the answers. Literally. What it took science centuries to discover, what philosophers have been trying to find for millennia – they already know. They truly do! They bring infinite wisdom and love. They understand the laws of the universe and they embody them.

Yet they cannot understand why no one else sees this. They are constantly cut and wounded by the cruelty they see in this world. They cry at the destruction or environment, every suffering creature causes them suffering. Every pierce of plastic we throw away tears them apart.

They do not understand WHY we are so harsh and cruel to each other when the truth is right here, in front of us, in the open. It is unfathomable for them why an organism that is beautiful and whole chooses to divide itself into individual parts determined to destroy each other.

They sit with medicine because that is when, just for a moment, they can be home. And then they return to earth, recharged, stronger than before, determined to carry on with their light, to save the humanity, to heal the planet.

They refuse to dim their light with a 9-5 job, choosing to live their life the way THEY are guided because they know that THEY are right. And because to do otherwise would kill them.

Sit in the presence of such a soul. Look into the eyes of this being and let them show you the truth.

Then take care of them. Because they are sensitive creatures, so easily hurt in this harsh reality.

As for the old souls, well, they do the cleanup. They deal with the muck, the dirt, the pain, the trauma that we ourselves have created. They clear generation after generations. They heal earthbound souls, freeing them to go home, making space for these new souls to do their work.

It’s not easy being an old soul but you have experience and thick skin. You have survived before and it will again. The older the soul, the harder to kill.

Old souls, just when you want to give up, seek out the young ones. Let them give you joy and hope to carry on with the cleanup. Follow their example to choose fearlessly and make no compromises.

Because whether we are old, young, earthling, star-child, we each have chosen to be right here and now. Together we will get it (whatever IT is) done. Without a doubt we will.

Life is beautiful and so simple. Remember that.

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