Sound Healing

Calm your mind, relax your body, and rejuvenate your energy. Perfect for melting away stress and anxiety.

Each session is customized just for you. Relax as soothing sounds from singing bowls, crafted by Buddhist monks under a full moon, surround you. I connect with your spirit guides to create personalized music that reenergizes you, restores your well-being, and brings deep healing and peace.

Benefits of Sound Healing

🎵 Relieves stress and anxiety
🎵 Improves sleep
🎵 Increases focus and clarity
🎵 Balances energy levels
🎵 Facilitates emotional release and healing
🎵 Strengthens the immune system
🎵 Improves mood
🎵 Enhances the body’s natural healing abilities
🎵 Releases muscle tension
🎵 Renews and rejuvenates

How to schedule your session:

📅 Click on the ‘BOOK YOUR SESSION’ button below. Select ‘Private Sound Healing’ from the list and click the ‘BOOK NOW’ button and complete the payment process. The system will take you to my calendar, where you can schedule your appointment day and time. You can pay with any credit card or PayPal.

30 minutes – $85

*If you do not see a time slot that works for you, email me with your availability.

On-Site Sound Healing

I also conduct on-site group sound healing sessions for corporate and private events and retreats. Contact me for more information.

shamanic healing

I no longer stress over the little things that used to bother me and I am much happier.

Ilya T. – Laguna Beach, CA

Your Experience

We meet in-person in my Laguna Niguel, CA office.

1️⃣ We discuss your intention, then you lie down and relax.

2️⃣ I connect with your spirit guides and channel music that’s specifically tailored to help you.

3️⃣ After the session, you will feel rejuvenated and in harmony with your inner self.

30 minutes – $85

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