Past life stories

We all have memories, right? Some of these memories are pleasant, some traumatic, some neutral and some are simply odd. It’s like these memories exist but they don’t. Sometimes they feel like shadows of memories, images and feelings that cannot be put into words, yet their presence is definitely real. Some are super clear yet have to tangible reason for existing.  Some come as dreams. Clear realistic dreams that keep repeating throughout our lives. And then there are fears, phobias and unusual behaviors that seem to have no tangible origin, yet there cannot be denied.

Today I would like to share several stories with you. One of a client who experienced a traumatic past life, another who received inspiration and empowerment by looking at her past and a bit of my own story.


Beth, a forty one year old mother of elementary school age children came to see me for an autoimmune condition. When looking at her energy, the first thing I saw was a woman dressed in 18th century clothing standing in from of a big building with a rounded steeple-like structure.  I later checked with my friend who is an architecture buff, he said what I saw was a minaret, a tall slender tower of a mosque from which the summons to prayer is cried.
The woman was desperately crying and wringing her hands. When I asked this woman why she is crying, she explained that her children are being taken away from her by her husband’s family to rear according to their custom.

I shared this story with Beth who told me that she has this interesting phobia that seemingly has no reason for being. Whenever she takes her children to church, she must always have them near her. If they happen to run off, she immediately experiences a panic attack. She knows that her church is a safe place and that her children are with their friends. Yet no amount of reasoning or explanation, no amount of breathing or positive thinking can completely alleviate the panic. She feels as if her kids will be kidnapped at any moment and no one can convince her otherwise. This happens only in church. Birthday parties, sport games and other public events do not elicit such a strong response.

We spent about forty-five minute exploring that life and healing the resulting trauma. Beth came back two weeks later saying that she can finally allow her children to go play with their friends which is amazing because she can now enjoy her quiet time in church.

There were several other traumatic past lives that we worked though, one including a drowning. After each session Beth reported feeling calmer and more at ease. About six months later, Beth said that her overall quality of life has improved significantly and her blood work came back much better because she was no longer stressed and worried for no reason.


Julie, was a twenty nine year old woman with a fiery personality and many talents. Her biggest skill that seemed to come from nowhere was bodywork. She knew exactly where to place her hands and how much pressure to apply to alleviate almost any muscle related pain. Although from the outside she seemed confident, her own self worth was very low. So low that she had a hard time getting out of bed some mornings. Therapy and positive thinking allowed for only temporary relief.

When I closed my eyes and tuned into her energy, I saw a beautiful woman with a strange name. The name came to me spelled out letter by letter A-L-V-A-R-A. When I silently pronounced al-VA-ra in my head, this beautiful woman corrected me.  She said “No, it’s AL-vara. Accent is on the first letter.” I later googled the name. It’s is indeed a female name of Italian and Old English origin, pronounced AL-vah-rah.  It means “elf warrior” or “universal protector”.

After I apologized for mispronouncing her name, this woman pointed to Julie and said “ I am her, she is me.” Then she raised her arm, revealing a magical landscape on which she drew symbols and words in a language I did not know. She said: “tell her that even though she has forgotten her power, the knowledge is still within her. All she has to do is tune in and ask.”

I conveyed this to Julie, who then asked: “how do I remember.” I posed this question to Alvara who said: “accept herself and accept us because we are her.”

I asked Julie if she is ready and willing to do this. Julie wholeheartedly agreed, at which point I saw the spirit of this woman send a golden light from her heart chakra into Julie’s heart chakra.

I spoke with Julie several weeks after the healing. She said that she has never felt so strong and empowered in her life. She is ready follow her calling as a bodyworker. This was two years ago. Today Julie has a successful business helping people heal through bodywork.

Julie’s story is just one example of a past life having a direct positive impact on current life. I would say about seventy percent of my clients up to now have found relief through releasing a past life trauma and the other thirty percent through connecting to a past life when they were powerful, successful and magical. My regular clients, those who have seen me for multiple past lives oftentimes start out with trauma healing and then move on to finding their power.

My journey

Prior to offering this work to clients, I have done extensive past life regression work on myself specifically to heal this strange feeling of being a victim to violence. Although I have never encountered physical abuse in this life, I had this strange sensation that something had happened to me. It manifested itself in unnecessary worrying and constant looking over my shoulder.

I had gone through about a dozen past lives myself. Some of these I explored and resolved by myself, others I received help from other healers.
Working through one of those lived had resulted in my healing knee tendonitis that had been bothering me for years. (Seven years have passed since working though that trauma. In those seven years I never once had this knee problem return. )

I had also gone through five or six what I call empowering past lives. The times when I was strong, successful, knowledgeable and powerful. These have greatly contributed to raising my self esteem and were instrumental in the work I do today. One of these lives had explained my strange tendency to remember various medicines and conditions they treat. As a general rule, I can’t remember what I ate for breakfast, but name a disease and I’ll most likely either know what it is or remember some of the ways to treat it or both. I attribute this to one or more past lives when I was an apothecary.

I believe that each of us has had numerous past lives. By themselves, these past lives are nothing but entertainment at best and excuses to remain a victim at worst. But add an action to this understanding and you change your future and that of those around you.

Healing a past life returns our power to us because we are no longer destined to follow the set trajectory of fate.  And it opens the gates of power giving us an opportunity to walk through those gates.

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