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Welcome to the world of past-life healing! Past Life Regression is a powerful and transformative approach to healing that involves exploring and resolving issues that have originated in past lives, on earth, and beyond. This can help you uncover deep-seated patterns and beliefs that may be holding you back in your current life, and empower you to move forward with greater clarity and purpose. In this article, we will explore some of the most frequently asked questions about this type of healing, so you can gain a better understanding of what it is, how it works, and how it can benefit you.

What is the purpose of doing Past Life Regression?

The purpose of Past Life Regression is:

1) Help you better understand yourself, why you are the way you are, why you do what you do, why you are in this body, why you have particular relationships, what your soul-mission and life purpose are and so on.

2) Resolve issues and challenges that you are facing in this current life by healing them at their origination point – the life where it all began.

3) Locate knowledge and wisdom stored in your soul memory and bring it into this life so that you can use it.

How can Past Life Regression help me?

Past life regression can help you with personal growth, self-discovery, healing unresolved issues, overcoming phobias and fears, addressing relationship issues, and spiritual growth. Here are some of the things Past Life Regression can help you achieve:

  • ✅ Understand soul purpose and mission and develop a deeper connection with your soul
  • ✅ Achieve a deeper sense of peace and joy in life
  • ✅ Understand patterns in love and relationships
  • ✅ Discover past life connections with people in your life now
  • ✅ Understand and resolve karmic debts and soul contracts
  • ✅ Let go of fears, phobias, past traumas and resentments
  • ✅ Understand and heal the source of anxiety or depression
  • ✅ Discover your spiritual gifts and talents and strengthen your intuition
  • ✅ Transmute negative patterns of behavior
  • ✅ Overcome self-doubt, insecurities, and self-sabotage
  • ✅ Heal issues related to money or abundance
  • ✅ Discover the source of recurring dreams or nightmares
  • ✅ Understand and heal the root causes of chronic conditions
  • ✅ Improve self-esteem, confidence, and creativity
  • ✅ Release limiting beliefs and negative self-talk
  • ✅ and more!

How do I know I need Past Life Regression?

  • 🌟 You have unexplained fears, phobias, self-doubt, anxiety, emotional baggage, feelings of abandonment, rejection, betrayal, guilt, shame, or self-esteem issues that cannot be explained by your current life experiences
  • 🌟 You feel like you have a strong connection to a certain time period or place, but you don’t know why
  • 🌟 You have recurring dreams or nightmares that feel significant
  • 🌟 You feel like you’re stuck in certain patterns or behaviors that you can’t seem to change no matter how hard you try
  • 🌟 You feel like you have a strong sense of purpose or mission, but you’re not sure what it is
  • 🌟 You feel like you have past life connections with certain people in your life now and you want to explore them
  • 🌟 You are experiencing a deep soul-mate, twin flame, or spiritual connection with a person (or an animal)
  • 🌟 You’re interested in exploring your spirituality and your spiritual gifts
  • 🌟 You feel like you have unexplained talents or skills and you want to explore them further
  • 🌟 You’re interested in exploring your creativity and unlocking your full potential
  • 🌟 You feel like you’re experiencing spiritual or energetic blocks
  • 🌟 You want to understand and resolve karmic debts and soul contracts
  • 🌟 You’re struggling with trust issues in your relationships that cannot be explained by your current life experiences
  • 🌟 You’re struggling with issues related to money or abundance that cannot be explained by your current life experiences
  • 🌟 You would like to understand soul purpose and mission and develop a deeper connection with your soul
  • 🌟 You’re experiencing a spiritual awakening and want to gain deeper insight into your journey

Who is Past Life Regression for?

Past Life Regression is good for everybody and can help with a variety of issues, however, if you are a healer or are looking to become one, I highly recommend Past Life Regression – to both remove healer-related traumas (also called the healer persecution syndrome) and to integrate your healing abilities from a past life into the current one. I also recommend Past Life Regression to anyone in the creative profession – artists, actors, musicians and so on because it will unblock stuck energy and give you access to wisdom and inspiration that you would not have otherwise. If you are looking to truly understand your soul-path and soul-lessons, Past Life Regression is a must.

What should I expect during Past Life Regression session?

First we will sit together and talk about what you would like to accomplish during the session. Then you will lie down and begin your journey. I will first guide you into a relaxed, trance-like state using energy work, hypnosis and other techniques. Then, with your guides and my guides we will travel into one or more of your past lives. I will help you to remember specific details, emotions, and sensations associated with those memories and assist you with releasing unresolved emotions or patterns that are causing present-day problems. Depending on what we are working on, we may talk after the session or I may let you rest and quietly integrate

Will I be hypnotized?

Although elements of hypnosis may be used to help you relax, but this is not a classic hypnotherapy session. I am a shamanic energy healer and channel and so, elements of energy work are present in all of my sessions (even readings). Sometimes I will do the energy work myself, sometimes your guides will work on you and sometimes ascended masters, angels and beings from other planets will come to assist us. Depending on what we are working on, I may go into a trance state myself and channel my guide Ra-ja, allowing her to guide the session directly.

I am not a visual person I am concerned that I will not be able to see anything myself, will Past Life Regression still work?

Yes, because I am a shamanic energy healer and psychic, I can look into your past lives, see what’s happening there, share it with you, guide you through the exploration process and assist you in healing those past lives. In my experience, the end result is the same whether you go into a past life yourself or I take you there and stay there with you to help.

Will I be conscious during the session?

Absolutely, you will enter a light to medium hypnotic trance to access your subconscious mind. However, you will be conscious, aware and in control throughout the session.

Can I record the session?

Yes, but I do not recommend it. The purpose of the session is to help you resolve and heal an issue. Once the session is over, the healing has been done and it’s not particularly useful to open up wounds that no longer exist by listening to the recording.

How many past lives do we explore and are they all human lives on earth?

This depends on what we are working on. Sometimes we will explore one life deeply, at other times we may travel through several past lives. These lives may be on earth or they may be on other planets – you may be a human, an extraterrestrial, a rock, a plant and animal, a nonphysical being and so on. My and your Spirit Guides will guide us where to go and how long to stay and so on.

How do I prepare for Past Life Regression?

Drink plenty of water, avoid caffeine and alcohol, and wear comfortable clothing. If you are on prescription medication, take your medicine as instructed by your doctor but let me know what medicine you are taking. Certain medications can impact the session but I can work around it, as long as I know what it is. For best results, it is important to be clear on the reason you are getting Past Life Regression. I also recommend that you set aside time to relax and reflect before and after your session.

What should I do after the session?

Rest and drink plenty of water, as your healing will continue for about three days. For best results, I recommend you do not drink alcohol for those three days.

How often should I do Past Life Regression?

This depends on your individual needs and goals. For best results, I recommend an energy healing session about a week before your first Past Life Regression and an integration session a week after. I also recommend you wait at least three days between sessions to allow your mind and body to integrate the experience.

How many sessions do I need?

This depends on your objective and familiarity with the process. If you are brand new to this type of work, I recommend you come in for an energy healing session 3-7 days before your Past Life Regression session as it will prepare you for your past life journey and will help you get the most out of your session. I also recommend a follow-up session 3-7 days later to help you understand and integrate your experience. I recommend a minimum of 3 sessions if you want to achieve lasting results.

Can I explore one specific past life of my choice?

Technically yes, but I do not recommend it because what your mind thinks you should explore is usually not where you need to go. I recommend you allow your and my Spirit Guides to help guide us to the appropriate life during your session.

Can I combine Past Life Regression with a Reading or an Energy Healing on the same appointment?

Yes, you can combine it with either or both, this will increase the overall session length. If you are new to energy work, I recommend an energy healing session 3-7 days before your first Past Life Regression and an integration session 3-7 days after.

Can I combine Past Life Regression and Ancestral Healing on the same appointment?

Past Life Regression and Ancestral Healing cannot be done in the same day as this will be too much for your nervous system to handle.

Can Past Life Regression be done remotely?

Absolutely. We are working with your nonphysical bodies, so physical proximity is not necessary. However, it is important that you are in a quiet comfortable place with a stable internet or phone connection and are not disturbed during the session. If you prefer an in-person session, we can do that as well.

How long is each session?

Generally, a Past Life Regression session takes 2 hours.

If you are looking to access the space between incarnations to learn about the journey of your soul, soul groups, and soul specialty the session is 3 hours.

How do I pay and what is your cancellation policy?

I accept Paypal, Venmo, Zelle and cash. Your payment must be received at the time that we schedule your appointment. If you need to cancel or reschedule, please give me a 48-hour notice. I understand that life happens and last-minute cancellations may be unavoidable. I will do my best to reschedule your appointment but if you cancel your session the day of the appointment then your refund will be 50% because I will not have enough time to fill up that time slot.

Anything else I need to know?

Because I am a shamanic healer, energy work is present in all of my sessions – as are my guides, your guides and other high vibrational beings. Although we may schedule your session weeks in advance, your healing will start as soon as you make your appointment and you will feel things shifting even before the session. You may experience heightened emotions and changes in your life. If you feel anxious or scared, don’t worry, this is normal and it’s a good sign because it means that your healing has begun. This happens change is very scary to your Ego, and so the Ego may try to prevent it by giving you anxiety. Do not worry, just take a deep breath and continue with your normal routine. This feeling will go away as soon as we begin the session.

NOTE: Past Life Regression session is not a substitute for professional medical, psychological, legal, or other advice that requires one to be licensed in that field. If you are experiencing serious health or legal issues, you should consult with a qualified professional as I will not give advice on medical or legal issues.

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