Past Life Regression

Unlock the mysteries of your past lives and gain insight into your current life’s patterns, fears, and talents. Heal emotional wounds, release old baggage, and find a deeper understanding of your soul’s purpose. Connect with your inner self and bring in the wisdom that spans lifetimes,

This session will help you

Understand yourself

Understand yourself, why you are the way you are, why you do what you do, why you are in this body, why you have particular relationships, what your soul’s mission and life purpose are, and so on.


Resolve issues and challenges that you are facing in this current life by healing them at their origination point – the life where it all began.


Locate knowledge and wisdom stored in your soul memory and bring it into this life so that you can use it.

Our Goal

The goal of the session is to address your issue at its source, helping you resolve it permanently so you can move forward toward positive growth and success.

You do not need to know the exact issue to work on. Just share how you are feeling, what is happening in your life, and your goals.

120 minutes – $295

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shamanic healing

Dina helped me understand the blocks that were keeping me from feeling like myself. She helped me see my inner light, I no longer fear the future.

Olena Z. – Pasadena CA

Your Experience

We can meet remotely over Zoom or in-person in my Laguna Niguel, CA office.

1️⃣ We discuss your intention – what you want to achieve from the session and how you would like to improve your current life. Then you lie down and relax.

2️⃣ We connect to your Spirit Guides and travel through one or more of your past lives. During this time, we may complete unfinished business and lessons, clear trauma imprints, and remove karmic patterns. We also locate your hidden strengths and talents and bring them into your current life.

3️⃣ We end the session by clearing your current energy of any issues that were healed during the past life regression and integrating the resources you have gained from the experience into your present life.

How my sessions differ from classical hypnotherapy

Although elements of hypnosis may be used to help you relax, this is not a classic hypnotherapy session. I am a shamanic energy healer and channel, so elements of energy work and the presence of our Spirit Guides are part of all my sessions

You do not need to be good at visualizing or know how to meditate. Because I am a clairvoyant, I can look into your past lives, see what’s happening there, share it with you, guide you through the exploration process, and assist you in healing those past lives. For this reason you do not need to be good at visualizing or know how to meditate.

More Info

I have written several articles about past life regression, including my own experiences. They are in the Blog section of this website. Here are the links:

120 minutes – $295

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