Chakras: The Keys to Your Health and Well-being

Think of chakras as personal energetic libraries that hold records of your experiences in this life and in your past lives, memories of your ancestors, energetic cords, attachments, entities, and other non-physical parts of yourself. These chakras reside in what is called your energy body.

Every thought, emotion, belief, and behavior is first formed within your energy body and is affected by what is stored in your chakras. Then it travels through your emotional and mental bodies into the physical body where it manifests into action and ultimately determines your physical health and well-being.

This means that the information stored in your chakras influences every single thing about you and your life.

The beliefs you have about yourself and other people, how you view life, how you process information, what friends you have, your hobbies, things that make you angry, things that make you smile, what gives you anxiety, your relationship with yourself, you family, you co-workers, your romantic relationships, where you live, where you like to vacation, your fears and phobias, worries, goals, aspirations, whether or not you can stick to a routine, where you sabotage yourself and where you succeed, the kind of people you attract, your relationship with money, your beliefs about sex and sexuality, your mental, emotional and physical health all originate within your chakras.

This information also determines how quickly you can get over a cold how well you are able to communicate with your spirit guides, and how well you can stick to a diet or lose weight. It even impacts your body language, your sleep cycle and your ability to set healthy boundaries and how well you can manifest a job a relationship.

Every disease is first created in the energy body, travels down the emotional and mental bodies, and then manifests itself in physical form. Some diseases may immediately manifest themselves in the physical body, others may take up to two years before physical symptoms appear.

How you ultimately heal is also influenced by your energy body.

This is one of the reasons why it is important to periodically balance and clear the energy in your aura and chakras.

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